Free yourself from the work you hate.

Remember those days when you stayed late at the office and ate second-rate Chinese takeout because your project was late? Never again. We want to help you get your project done on time while making sure you’re not brain-dead at the end. You know what we’re talking about —  those mind-numbing last minute fixes that always sneak up. We can make them disappear.

We’re here to help you save time, look like a genius and get that raise you deserve. We have been doing it with people just like you for over 25 years. As the world’s largest and oldest third-party developer of general-purpose software tools for MicroStation, and now with our new AutoCAD line of products, we’re helping even more designers, engineers and architects get home on time.

Our job is to make yours easier.

So, how do we save you time and lower your stress levels?

A magician never reveals his secret — good thing we’re programmers. We have over 20 products to help you be more productive in every way. You’ll be able to use our products in your daily workflow and all of them will save your projects when you’re in a bind. 

Let’s get you started!

Below are some of our most popular products so you can quickly find the right one. You can also zero in on some product categories that will show you the right tools for the right project.

Are you strictly an AutoCAD user? No worries, click on that category and see what tools we have for you. Don’t want to be labeled? Then just head over to our All Products Page and you can explore all your options. Need help finding the right tool for you? Contact one of our experienced CAD masters and we will give you the guided tour.

Got 20 minutes?

That’s all it takes to rock your CAD world.

Look, we know we might be a tad biased. That’s why you need to see it for yourself.  We offer free live demonstrations that give you the full tour of one of our products. We believe that our programs will revolutionize your approach to designing. For only twenty minutes, your world will never be the same.

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