Project Description

How is Detail Finder going to help you?

  • Locate and find details in files where you only know partial names of the file.
  • Locate and show you the detail, text, cells, blocks, references and tags that you’re looking for.
  • You do not need to have MicroStation or AutoCAD installed to use Detail Finder.

DetailFinder and You

Finding things that are buried inside of MicroStation or AutoCAD files can be frustrating.

Detail Finder lets you instantly find what you’re looking for in tens, hundreds or thousands of MicroStation DGN and AutoCAD DWG and DXF files. Just point Detail Finder at any number of files, tell it what you want to search for, and it will locate and show you the detail, text, cells, blocks, references and tags that you’re looking for. Detail Finder then shows you a thumbnail of each file that the detail, text, cell, block, reference or tag is in. With just a click of a button, Detail Finder will open any such file you choose and take you to exactly what you were looking for. If multiple instances of, for example, a cell or block were found, Detail Finder will cycle through all of the items that were found with just a click of a button. Gone are the days of essentially lost CAD de-tails that you have to redraw. With Detail Finder, you can quickly and easily find things in any project by simply searching for any applicable text string or part thereof.

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Our Customers Agree!

We’re not exaggerating when we say we’ve changed our customers’ lives for the better. Our customers no longer have the mind-numbing frustration that used to happen nearly every time they had tried to import Excel or Word data into their AutoCAD and MicroStation files. They no longer spend time futzing with poor formatting, text that can’t be easily manipulated, pastes that won’t fit, links that don’t work reliably and missing data.