User’s Guide — Microsoft Office Importer for AutoCAD

Chapter 2 — Installation

Before you install

This chapter will walk you through a typical Axiom product installation. These instructions apply to AutoCAD versions 2010 through 2015.

To install and use this product, you need:

  • The setup/install program; and
  • A license file for the product you are about to install; and
  • AutoCAD version 2010–2015 installed.

Please shut down all AutoCAD sessions on your computer before continuing.

Installation steps

  1. Double-click on the setup executable.
  2. Press {Run} in the following box:

  1. Read this box and then press {Next >}.

Note: Installation pictures in this guide will mention Microsoft Office Importer, but they apply also the installation of other Axiom tools for AutoCAD as they use a common installation process.

  1. Choose your license file (axiom.lic), paste the contents of such a license file or enter the demo license password supplied by Axiom if you are evaluating a demonstration version. Then press {Next >}.

  1. Please read the entire license agreement. If you then to the terms, please indicate so and then press {Next >}.

The version of the license agreement seen in this picture is for example purposes only. The license version shown in the actual installer may differ.

  1. If you accepted the terms of the license agreement in the previous box, now choose the base installation folder and press {Next >}. Subfolders will be automatically created for AutoCAD 2010–2012 files, AutoCAD 2013–2014 files and AutoCAD 2015 files underneath that base folder.

  1. Choose which components you wish to install. Then press {Next >}.

Note: This single installer can install all available AutoCAD versions of this tool in a single installation process. The installer will install the 32-bit or 64-bit versions of automatically as needed.

  1. Choose the name of the Start Menu group you want the installation to create. At this time, the only item available in this Start Menu group is a shortcut to each installed tool’s uninstaller.
  2. Review your installation choices if you wish, then press {Install} to perform the installation.


That’s it! You have successfully completed the installation!