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Technical Support

We offer e-mail and phone support for Axiom programs with the purchase of Maintenance Plus. This support program is a comprehensive way to approach technical questions and assistance. With Maintenance Plus, our customers will never be left behind as every question, sigh, and whim will be taken seriously.

  • Free product updates.

  • Free technical support.

  • Free fixes to any bugs found, no matter how “esoteric”.

  • Free license support (such as when computer-IDs change).

  • Free user training, via the Internet, on maintained products.

  • Free customization of maintained products (See below.)

  • Discounts on comparable products for different versions of Microstation or AutoCAD.

Rick Sewell Axiom Tech Support
MicroStation Superman & Director of Support, Rick Sewell.

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Our most frequently asked questions are all in one place.

Don’t have Maintenance Plus? Don’t miss out!

Sarah Harvey, Axiom’s Maintenance Plus expert, is ready by the phone to answer all of your questions.

Get Maintenance Plus

It’s never too late to get your Maintenance Plus service. Not only will your Axiom software be up to date, but you’ll have a team of trustworthy and talented MicroStation and Axiom experts who will answer all of your questions. Don’t miss out on support, product discounts, and so much more!

How do I get Maintenance Plus?

We have just the person to help you out. Sarah, our MicroStation Service Consultant, is ready by the phone to answer all your questions and guide you through the quick and easy process. Give her a call!

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