Thursday, 11 November 2021 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time


You’ve spent hours — possibly even days — finessing the formatting of all the Excel schedules you imported into your MicroStation® project. It’s been frustrating and a general pain in the you-know-what. On top of that, when you checked your email this morning, you got a message that a bunch of new items need to be added to those schedules and a couple of items need to be deleted. Ugh. That means more hours (or days, depending on the scale of your project), fiddling and fixing. No arguments from us on this one. We know that it’s enough to test the patience of a saint.

Maybe you’ve spent so much time comparing two versions of the same DGN file that you’re considering accepting that offer to coach Little League or anything that’ll get you out of the office. But the deadline is looming and there are multiple files with multiple versions of each. Problem squared. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there were some way to generate a graphical report that would automatically show you the differences? Or a text report that detailed every single difference?

If you’ve ever run into issues like these in your projects, and wished there was a smarter, more intuitive solution to it all, then this MicroStation Productivity Toolkit webinar is perfect for you.

Eiren Smith, Axiom Product Expert and Toolkit veteran, will show you how to easily:

  • Have flawless formatting on imports from Excel spreadsheets or Word documents,
  • Make global changes to multiple design files,
  • Handle file corruption in a snap,
  • Resolve any of the dozens of other repetitive (and frustrating) tasks that potentially chew up your time and cost your firm money.

Eiren will share some advanced MicroStation Productivity Toolkit know-how, so that you know exactly which tool to reach for in any given situation. As a confident Toolkit professional, you’ll save yourself a ton of time with this practical suite of tools.

Why slog through projects when there are ten tools specifically designed to help save you time and reduce effort? If you’re ready to get out of the office earlier or reclaim your weekends, then join us on 11 November at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time for some MicroStation Productivity Toolkit know-how that’ll have you completing projects faster and with less effort.

About Fredrick Kenniston:

Eiren Smith is an Axiom Product Expert and a multi-decade CAD/BIM veteran. During this webinar, he will show you how to use MicroStation Productivity Toolkit to turn your MicroStation troubles into triumphs.

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