Thursday October 15th 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time


If you’ve ever spent hours checking for CAD standards violations, leaving the office well after dark, you can probably relate to the White Rabbit’s perpetual mantra, “I’m late, I’m late, For a very important date.” If you also happen to calculate the amount of time spent by the entire staff on this one issue, you’re more likely to start feeling like the Queen of Hearts, shrieking, “Off with their heads!

Another favorite is sending a project off to a client, feeling immensely proud of your work, only to get a call from an unhappy customer because your layers used the wrong naming convention, or there were elements on incorrect levels. Maybe there were color, thickness and line style issues that literally left you feeling like you’d gone down the proverbial rabbit hole.

If you’d like to resolve these issues, but without monkeying around for hours, then this webinar might be what you’re looking for (through the looking glass, or otherwise).

Eiren Smith, a CAD/BIM expert, will guide you out of the rabbit hole and into the light of brilliant proficiency with SpecChecker.

About Eiren Smith:

Eiren Smith is a multi-decade CAD/BIM veteran. During this webinar, he will show you how to make SpecChecker your secret weapon in terms of managing your CAD standards in MicroStation.

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