Thursday, November 19th 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time


Often, users are only familiar with the software features they use on a regular basis, while being unaware of the full scope of the tools they have at their disposal. This training will not only help save time and money on your projects, but will also give you insight into the many ways that Microsoft Office Importer can help lighten your load at work.

Fredrick Kenniston, a 20+ year veteran in the software support industry for CAD/BIM, will address the following and more:

  • How to paste sections of Microsoft Excel and Word files into different areas of a Revit project.
  • How to maintain links to source documents and the imported data automatically or on demand.
  • How to split pastes into multiple columns in your Revit project so you don’t have to make unnecessary additional pastes.
  • How to spread multi-page pastes across multiple sheets or views without breaking the link to the source document.
  • How to map Microsoft Excel and Word point size to a Revit text size.
  • How to reset a link to a source file that has been moved or renamed.
  • How to use a default font for your pastes in a Revit project.
  • How to get assistance from Axiom when you have a question about Microsoft Office Importer for Revit.
  • How to request an enhancement to Microsoft Office Importer for Revit.

Join us on November 19th at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time to take your Revit Microsoft Office Importer skills to the next level.

About Fredrick Kenniston:

Fredrick is Axiom's Director of Technology. With over 20 years experience in the software support industry for CAD/BIM products such as MicroStation, Revit and AutoCAD, he has presented to thousands of engineers, doing one-on-one demonstrations. He has conducted live training for many corporate Fortune 500 Engineering firms.

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