So where is the fault and what can be done about it?

Clearwater, Florida, USA — Why is it V8 elements fall off the edge of the design plane? How is it possible a V8 element no longer resides on a defined level? Why is it certain elements or entire models can’t be selected? Why can’t MicroStation open some V8 files?

From plotting problems to elements that behave oddly to design files that won’t open, FileFixer has come to the rescue for over 20 years.

All of these project stoppers are obvious manifestations of design file corruption — not something caused by you — and can result in a missed deadline. Fortunately, Axiom has tools that allow you to rapidly resolve these and many other issues so that you can keep your projects on or ahead of schedule. For instance, FileFixer can eliminate every one of those design file corruption problems mentioned above, allowing you to get your project back on schedule.

Regardless of the cause of design file damage — a power fluctuation, a network glitch, an unreliable hard drive, an amateur software developer, an act of God or an act of Congress — customer reports sent to Axiom’s Technical Support confirm, week after week, that design file corruption adversely impacts MicroStation projects and that no version of MicroStation is immune.

Design File Corruption Isn’t Pretty.

Unselectable models, elements on undefined levels, misbehaving “fit view” commands or unwanted plotting results aren’t just MicroStation “idiosyncrasies” that you have to live with. These are common manifestations of corruption, which hinder your work with MicroStation and add time and frustration to your projects.

  • ­Has a V8 model become unselectable in MicroStation’s “Models” dialog box?
  • ­Does MicroStation’s “Fit View” command sometimes make you throw a fit?
  • ­Have corrupted level definitions left your elements level-less?
  • ­Do unselectable “zingers” shoot off the edge of the V8 design plane into uncharted space?

Although the above problems can be bad enough, some problems, such as those that cause MicroStation to generate a “MicroStation Problem Notification” dialog box (Figure 1), can even cause MicroStation to close.

Figure 1. Have you ever seen MicroStation generate a dialog box like this? Not pretty.

The above are just a few symptoms of design file corruption. FileFixer can automatically detect and repair all of the above project-bogging — or project-stopping — nuisances.

FileFixer Can Be Used Proactively or Reactively (or Both).

Many CAD Managers use FileFixer proactively by using its “Search for Problems” command at specific time intervals — perhaps once per week or once per month. After using “Search for Problems” to identify the most mangled files, you can use “Automatic Design File Repair” mode to repair just the identified troublemakers before they impact your project. FileFixer’s ability to identify the exact troublemakers can save you and your colleagues countless hours of confusion and hassles per file.

Even the best proactive practices can’t entirely eliminate reactive use of FileFixer — emergency design file repair. Does MicroStation abort while attempting to open a design file? Use “Automatic Design File Repair” mode to salvage the file.

The Ongoing Necessity for V8 File Repair

Just as AVG, McAfee and Symantec regularly distribute virus definition updates, FileFixer is regularly updated to handle the most commonly occurring forms of design file corruption discovered in submitted customer files. (MicroStation design files do not become infected with viruses. The diversity of V8 design file corruption results from the infinite number of ways magnetic data can be disrupted. So it’s analogous to having a virus.) Rarely are the files corrupted because of something that someone did to the file — intentionally or otherwise. These kinds of errors simply aren’t your fault but they can still cause you to miss deadlines if they’re not handled quickly.

Axiom analyzes more corrupted MicroStation files each year than any other developer — and this does not include the file analysis and repair performed daily by FileFixer owners around the globe. The continuing necessity for V8 file repair is apparent from the parade of corrupted V8 — with an amazing variety of corruption — submitted to Axiom for analysis by both existing clients and soon-to-be clients.

Fortunately, FileFixer is able to identify and repair everything from minor issues — such as an element too close to the edge of a design plane — to the most disastrous categories of MicroStation design file — such as a file that won’t open. FileFixer is the only application that can open and salvage the most severely corrupted design files. There is no other solution.

Out of the billions or trillions of zeros and ones in your design files, FileFixer can detect and repair the true production killers and budget busters — those corrupted files which slow or stop projects and cause MicroStation users the most headaches.

Get a Free Trial of FileFixer and Look Like a Genius?

FileFixer is one of many trick-of-the-trade tools, which any busy CAD professional should have in their arsenal. Don’t settle for lost work. Don’t resort to reworking corrupted designs. Add FileFixer to your arsenal of professional CAD tools.

For more information on FileFixer and other programs that will help keep your projects on target or to receive a free trail version, contact an Axiom MicroStation Consultant today! Call 727-442-7774 extension 1664, e-mail or visit Axiom on the Web at now!

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