Do You Find That Your 3D DWG Files Open as 2D Files in MicroStation?

Have you ever run into a case where you open your 3D DWG files in MicroStation and they appear to be 2D files? Well, you’re not alone!

Most CAD users aren’t experts in both MicroStation and AutoCAD. So it is the norm to run into problems going from one to the other. One of the problems MicroStation users experience is they open DWG files in MicroStation and they appear to be 2D files, even though they are supposed to be 3D files. There is a very simple solution to this.

Here are the simple steps to always open your DWG files as they were intended:

  1. Load MicroStation and you’ll get your trusty MicroStation Manager dialog box. Navigate to and select (but don’t open) a DWG that you know to be a 3D file.

    step 1

    Figure 1. Opening the MicroStation Manager screen is a great way to start your MicroStation session.

  2. Now press the {Options} button located at the bottom of MicroStation Manager.
  3. Uncheck the box labeled “Create 2D models for Model Space” and press {OK}.
  4. Now open your DWG file from MicroStation Manager.

    step 2

    Figure 2. The number of open options you have right off of the MicroStation Manager just might surprise you.

That’s seriously all there is to it... Don’t you just love simple solutions?

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