Sales Manager

This position is based in Clearwater Florida.

Axiom is a software development company loaded with a bunch of geeks who develop super-duper computer stuff that we then sell to people who absolutely cannot function without it. Yes, we are one of those companies that makes someone’s day!

We already have a hot-diggity sales team but need a sales manager to keep them closing and reaching stellar targets.


We prefer someone who is already a proven ninja when it comes to sales and has the numbers to brag about, who has successfully managed sales teams before, and who believes that a career in sales is the only career (I mean, who wants to work in HR when they could be racking and stacking commissions, right?).

Therefor the requirements are:

  • Sales Manager experience in Business-to-Business sales.
  • Personal experience in Business-to-Business Sales.
  • Business management background.
  • Experience in the IT industry.

You would be required to:

  • Monitor calls regularly.
  • Set daily quotas and ensure that they are met.
  • Monitor leads and ensure that they are contacted.
  • Run weekly sales drilling.
  • Ensure reps look for, find, and sell upgrades to current customers.
  • Monitor all main stats on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • Check trends to catch problems and make improvements in advance.
  • Ensure that the sales guys are trained by the techies on current and new products.
  • Ensure that our database is constantly updated.
  • Inspire the sales team to be highly competitive, while still having fun.