For over 20 years, FileFixer has been fixing MicroStation files totally automatically. Now, the latest release adds V8i and ProjectWise support.

What does FileFixer fix? Well, have you ever had:

  • An “emergency” with a design file, where something went wrong and you needed a solution fast?
  • An error message when trying to open a design file?
  • A design file that won’t open at all?
  • Unexplainable trouble when trying to access a model or a reference file?
  • Elements that don’t plot the same way that they appear on your computer screen?
  • Elements on “phantom” (undefined) levels?
  • Elements you can’t select or that won’t delete?
  • Elements that behave oddly when you zoom in on them?
  • Difficulty or inaccurate results when attempting to translate a design file to AutoCAD?
  • Missing elements?
  • Some other weird problem with a design file

All these types of problems have a common denominator. They are caused by corruption within the bowels of the design file itself. FileFixer fixes corrupt MicroStation files totally automatically! Repairing a MicroStation file with FileFixer usually requires nothing more than typing in (or double-clicking on) the name of the damaged file.

To speak directly with an Axiom MicroStation consultant about FileFixer or to schedule a free, online demonstration, call 727-442-7774 extension 3904 or visit Axiom on the Web at

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