We convert your paper or raster drawings to intelligent CAD files with perfect accuracy.


Conversions from Paper to CAD can be a Dream

If you’ve ever had to personally re-create drawings in CAD based from old hard copies or scans, you know the headache it can be. Older plots are often torn or dirty. Scanned drawings can be so light at times that parts of the actual designs can be lost. If you've got a lot of these to do, finding ample qualified personnel on a temporary basis to handle an occasional large job is difficult unless you've got an unlimited budget and sufficient free time to check all of their work. These factors are what make conversion to vector files a nightmare.

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How is Conversion Services for MicroStation
and AutoCAD going to help you?


Axiom Provides:

  • Highly accurate conversion of your data with exact duplication of your specifications (color, level, weight, style, scale, attributes, redlining and more).
  • Input from paper, Mylar, vellum, linen, rag bond, microfilm, microfiche and raster formats (CIT, TIF and so on).
  • Output to DGN, DXF and DWG.
  • Free estimates.

Conversion Services and You

When it comes to converting paper drawings and raster images to intelligent CAD files, the thing you want most is absolute accuracy. Every line style, color, level, element, text string, attribute and dimension must be perfect. If two lines are supposed to meet at an exact point, you need to know they will. Axiom provides the MicroStation and AutoCAD communities with the precisely accurate conversions of paper and raster drawings to intelligent CAD files.

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