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The Fastest Way To Have Big Title Block Problems
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It’s late Thursday afternoon. Your project is nearing completion, and the finishing touches are all that’s left. Your deadline is Monday.

Then it hits you. One of those “finishing touches” is ensuring that all the project data contained in the MicroStation title blocks is correct and up-to-date. And you just noticed a few things are off. For one thing, a sheet was inserted at the last minute and now the numbering in most of the CAD title blocks is incorrect.

You have to manually update over 500 files in this project. This painstaking work could consume days. Your weekend is under threat before it even starts.

Or is it?

Enter Title Block Manager — a magical application that dramatically reduces the time it takes to make massive changes to block text, attributes, and tag values in your CAD title blocks. It can save you from late nights and lost weekends. It’s the ultimate tool for managing CAD title blocks, designed specifically for MicroStation CONNECT (V10) and MicroStation V8.


How is Title Block Manager Going to Help You?

Title Block Manager can help you easily change any block attribute text (AutoCAD) or tag values (MicroStation) in your title blocks quickly, automatically and on dozens, hundreds or thousands of files at a time.

Title Block Manager will:

Quickly and easily renumber all of your sheets for you using one Excel spreadsheet. Say goodbye to the stress of last-minute sheet-number changes.

Save you hours you’d typically spend manually editing your title blocks.

Keep your title blocks up-to-date, with a push of a button.

Get in, use it, get out. No heavy, complicated junk. Title Block Manager is super easy to use.

Title Block Manager Features

Bi-directional synchronization of information between title blocks in any number of DGN or DWG files and Microsoft Excel.

Quickly and easily renumber all your sheets from inside an automatically generated Excel spreadsheet that contains everything written in each and every block in your project.

Title Block Manager is also a powerful general-purpose block attribute or tag value editor — it’s not limited to title blocks.

Title Block Manager supports blocks in both design models and sheet models (MicroStation and OpenRoads) and model space and paper space layouts (AutoCAD).

No lengthy setup or configuration required.

Supports ProjectWise (MicroStation).

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Manage New and Pre-existing Title Blocks

Title Block Manager works on block attributes (AutoCAD) or tags (MicroStation) or title block text elements (MicroStation). It doesn’t require you to create special title block fields that only it can understand. Title Block Manager dramatically cuts down the time it takes to perform mundane tasks like modifying sheet numbers or adding revision data to title blocks.

Update Your Title Blocks From Excel

Title Block Manager creates a link between existing title block information in MicroStation or AutoCAD and an Excel spreadsheet. This connection allows Title Block Manager to update title block data from changes made in the spreadsheet and vice versa. You can easily update sheet numbers across a set of drawings when you insert a new sheet mid-project. Title Block Manager makes the whole process fast and easy.


Powerful Bulk Tag Value Editing


Since Title Block Manager lets you choose which blocks to work with (any blocks you like in AutoCAD) or which tags to work with (any tags in MicroStation), and it can run on any number of CAD files, Title Block Manager is more than just a tool for title blocks — it’s a general-purpose block attribute text extractor and editor. (You can run it on any blocks or tags, not just those used in title blocks.) If you’ve got block attribute text in your DWGs or tag values in your DGNs that you’d like to get at, this is the tool you’ve been looking for!

Save More Time in All the CAD You Do

You probably do more than just work with title blocks. Axiom has over 20 different applications and tools that can help save you time and make your life easier. Translation Manager is a great tool that ensures that translations between MicroStation and AutoCAD come out the way you want them to the first time. Microsoft Office Importer, one of our most popular tools, effortlessly imports Excel and Word into MicroStation, AutoCAD and Revit with perfect formatting. For a look at all our applications, check what we have available for MicroStation as well as AutoCAD.


How to Renumber 279 Sheet Files in 5 Minutes

Imagine that it’s late Friday afternoon and your project is due out on Monday. Your project team spent the last few days putting the final touches on the job. All the 279 sheets have been plotted for the final check. Everything appears to be in order; the sheet files all seem to be ready and the tension is starting to ease. You decide to do one final check and — horror — discover that the sheet totals and sheet numbers are wrong. The sheet total is off by one on every sheet and every sheet number higher than 5 is off by one.

If you can modify one sheet per minute, stay on task, not get any phone calls, and not make any mistakes, then you’ll need four hours and 39 minutes just to modify the title block text on all 279 design files. Well, you could stay really late or maybe come in and work over the weekend and do all that work, but part of Axiom’s purpose is to “get you home on time”. Title Block Manager — available for MicroStation and for AutoCAD — brings this part of our purpose to life. With Title Block Manager, all the sheet files can be updated in about five minutes.

Why spend over four hours on something that can be done in a few minutes? Wouldn’t you rather use that time to play some golf, catch a movie, watch a game, read a good book, or brush up on your barbecuing skills?

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