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Project Description

How is DGNCompare going to help you?

  • Interactively go through a “newer” design file pointing out what’s changed from an “older” design file.
  • Compare one version of a design file against different versions of the same file.
  • Produce a graphical report showing the differences between compared design files.
  • Create a detailed text report detailing the differences between compared design files.

DGNCompare and You

It could take several hours to compare two or more similar design files, especially if they each contained thousands of elements. But not with DgnCompare. Unlike MicroStation V8’s “Design History”, DgnCompare allows users to check for changes between two separate design files, not just changes made to the active design file.

DgnCompare is the fastest, easiest way to graphically see the differences between design files. DgnCompare can be especially helpful to anyone who has to check design files for quality control purposes.

DgnCompare distinctly shows the user which elements have been added, which elements have been deleted and which elements have had only their color, weight, style or level modified from a previous version of the MicroStation file. The MicroStation V8 version includes ProjectWise support.