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Project Description

  • Avoid unpleasant surprises when accepting submissions from subcontractors by running FileFixer on everything they send you.
  • Since FileFixer can be run on batches of files at once, this is a fast process.
  • Eradicate project delays caused by unexpected data corruption that makes design files behave oddly.
  • Keep projects on schedule regardless of corruption emergencies.
  • Make unselectable elements selectable again.

Our Customers Agree!

FileFixer and You

Problems with a misbehaving MicroStation design file have a common denominator. They are caused by corruption within the bowels of the design file itself.

FileFixer fixes corrupt MicroStation files totally automatically! Repairing a MicroStation file with FileFixer usually requires nothing more than typing in (or double-clicking on) the name of the damaged file. FileFixer fixes messed-up MicroStation files.

Since 1987, FileFixer has been recognized the world over as the easiest, fastest and most reliable solution to handling any kind of MicroStation design file corruption. Using FileFixer ensures that your design files end up with the results you expect when you translate them, migrate them or plot them. No other automatic preventive or curative solution exists for MicroStation. The MicroStation V8 version includes ProjectWise support.