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Project Description

How is Global File Changer going to help you?

  • Change any design file settings, like coordinate readout and view attributes, on a whole set of project design files automatically.
  • Move or re-map elements from old level names or numbers to new levels throughout a whole set of design files.
  • Do any number of text search and replace combinations, on any number of files using wildcards or more powerful “regular expressions”.
  • Make the same type of change to a specific set of elements in a whole set of design files.

Global File Changer is a powerful batch file processor that can execute any MicroStation script containing key-in commands. But Global File Changer can do more than just batch file processing. It can help you standardize your views, replace old cells with a revised version or update your text to meet the new standards a customer has ordered at the last minute. Global File Changer has a powerful and growing set of custom features that accomplish tasks that just would not be possible with key-in scripts alone.

Global File Changer also has its own powerful element selection utility which gives you the capability to easily isolate very precise selection sets, assign them names and then easily utilize those named selection sets to make the changes you want, in all your project files, to just those selected elements. The MicroStation V8 version includes ProjectWise support.