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Project Description

  • Locate missing reference files. When any reference files are moved, renamed or deleted, you’ll find out about them (and be able to fix it) before anyone else does.
  • Clone (copy the settings from one or more of your existing reference file attachments) and replace (use those settings to attach new or revised reference files) one or many reference files in multiple project files in a single processing run.
  • Attach a reference file to hundreds of design files with a single command.
  • Adjust reference file level symbology on hundreds of design files with a single command.

Our Customers Agree!

RefManager and You

Ever opened a design file and found some or all the references missing? Want a faster, easier way to attach a reference file to hundreds of master design files? RefManager is the popular software tool that solves just about any reference file problem and keeps MicroStation users in control of their reference files.

Do you need to see the settings and status of every reference file for an entire project? Ever had to adjust the color, line style, line weight or any of the 50+ other MicroStation settings which control the appearance and behavior of reference files?

A single RefManager command, for example, can produce a report describing every single reference file attachment on your system in any level of detail you want. Or you could modify hundreds of reference file attachments in dozens of directories all over your system with laser-precise control. The MicroStation V8 version includes ProjectWise support.