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Project Description

Standardize Your MicroStation Files as You Create Them

SpecMonitor TM

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How is SpecMonitor going to help you?

  • Ensure each element added or changed conforms to your CAD standards.
  • Ensure that design files conform to project requirements.
  • Display exact instructions so operators can quickly remedy violated standards.
  • Quickly train new users to follow CAD standards while designing.

SpecMonitor and You

The purpose of SpecMonitor is to make sure the designs you produce exactly match the CAD standards of your
company or that of your client during the drawing process. Fact is, most of the problems in the CAD world
today come from a failure to get users to unerringly follow the drawing standards established. Many companies
have lost the business and repute of important clients because the delivered design files had far too many
overlooked “Standards” violations.

Using SpecMonitor you will never experience this kind of problem again. SpecMonitor loads automatically whenever a design file is opened. It operates in the background watching every design element that is added or modified, to ensure nothing violates your company/client standards. If a user attempts to add an “off standard” element SpecMonitor activates immediately giving him the exact message you want him to see. The user then has the option to reset and start over or have the program automatically update the violating element. All the above is based on the rules written to describe your “Standards”. The MicroStation V8 version includes ProjectWise support.

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