Microsoft Office Importer

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GET YOUR FREE TRIAL! Easily and quickly import Excel spreadsheets and Word documents of almost any size, in a single paste. Create stable, reliable links from data pasted in CAD files to Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. Fit tall Excel or Word pastes inside short spaces with our unique “column flow” feature [...]

Title Block Manager

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   Title Block Manager TM GET YOUR DEMO! Quickly and easily renumber all of your sheets. Title Block Manager removes the stress of last-minute sheet-number changes. Hassle-free synchronization of information between title blocks in any number of DGN or DWG files and Microsoft Excel. Title Block [...]

Translation Manager

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Avoid the mind-numbing hassle of messy translations between MicroStation and AutoCAD. Stop the insanity of recreating your drawings because it’s faster than cleaning up your attempted translations. Simplify the process of translating files between DGN and DWG and perform these translations in batch on hundreds or thousands of files. Impress your boss and [...]


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Locate missing reference files. When any reference files are moved, renamed or deleted, you’ll find out about them (and be able to fix it) before anyone else does. Clone (copy the settings from one or more of your existing reference file attachments) and replace (use those settings to attach new or revised reference [...]

Global File Changer

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How is Global File Changer going to help you? Change any design file settings, like coordinate readout and view attributes, on a whole set of project design files automatically. Move or re-map elements from old level names or numbers to new levels throughout a whole set of design files. Do any number of text search [...]


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How is SpecChecker going to help you? Ensure drawings are correct before they are plotted or submitted. Check symbology (color, weight, style), font and types of elements to ensure they follow a drawing standard. Check the names of cells to ensure that only certain cells are used. Inspect one or multiple design files or cell [...]


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Avoid unpleasant surprises when accepting submissions from subcontractors by running FileFixer on everything they send you. Since FileFixer can be run on batches of files at once, this is a fast process. Eradicate project delays caused by unexpected data corruption that makes design files behave oddly. Keep projects on schedule regardless of corruption emergencies. [...]

Duplicate Element Remover

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How is Duplicate Element Remover going to help you? Duplicate Element Remover gives you exact control over which design files get processed. (Any set of design files — for example, *.dgn — can be processed with a single command.) Which levels to remove duplicates from. (Maybe you have some levels on which duplicate elements [...]


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How is CellManager going to help you? Make bulk changes to cells in your libraries. Converting cell type from regular to point or vice versa. Moving cell components to new levels. Scaling or rotating cells, hanging cell symbology, deleting obsolete cells. GET YOUR DEMO! CellManager and You [...]