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Microsoft Office Importer

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Easily and quickly import Excel spreadsheets and Word documents of almost any size, in a single paste. Create stable, reliable links from data pasted in CAD files to Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. Fit tall Excel or Word pastes inside short spaces with our unique “column flow” feature which creates columns on the [...]

Title Block Manager

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Title Block Manager™ GET YOUR DEMO! Quickly and easily renumber all of your sheets. Title Block Manager removes the stress of last-minute sheet-number changes. Hassle-free synchronization of information between title blocks in any number of DGN or DWG files and Microsoft Excel. Title Block Manager doesn’t change your workflows [...]

Translation Manager

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Avoid the mind-numbing hassle of messy translations between MicroStation and AutoCAD. Stop the insanity of recreating your drawings because it’s faster than cleaning up your attempted translations. Simplify the process of translating files between DGN and DWG and perform these translations in batch on hundreds or thousands of files. Impress your boss and [...]

Detail Finder

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How is Detail Finder going to help you? Locate and find details in files where you only know partial names of the file. Locate and show you the detail, text, cells, blocks, references and tags that you're looking for. You do not need to have MicroStation or AutoCAD installed to use Detail Finder. [...]