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Conversion Services

How is Conversion Services for MicroStation and AutoCAD going to help you? Highly accurate conversion of your data with exact duplication of your specifications (color, level, weight, style, scale, attributes, redlining, etc.). Input from paper, Mylar, vellum, linen, rag bond, microfilm, microfiche and raster formats (CIT, TIF, etc.). Output to DGN, DXF and DWG. Free [...]


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Locate missing reference files. When any reference files are moved, renamed or deleted, you’ll find out about them (and be able to fix it) before anyone else does. Clone (copy the settings from one or more of your existing reference file attachments) and replace (use those settings to attach new or revised reference [...]


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Avoid unpleasant surprises when accepting submissions from subcontractors by running FileFixer on everything they send you. Since FileFixer can be run on batches of files at once, this is a fast process. Eradicate project delays caused by unexpected data corruption that makes design files behave oddly. Keep projects on schedule regardless of corruption emergencies. [...]

Detail Finder

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How is Detail Finder going to help you? Locate and find details in files where you only know partial names of the file. Locate and show you the detail, text, cells, blocks, references and tags that you're looking for. You do not need to have MicroStation or AutoCAD installed to use Detail Finder. [...]