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How is SpecChecker going to help you? Ensure drawings are correct before they are plotted or submitted. Check symbology (color, weight, style), font and types of elements to ensure they follow a drawing standard. Check the names of cells to ensure that only certain cells are used. Inspect one or multiple design files or cell [...]

Duplicate Element Remover

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How is Duplicate Element Remover going to help you? Duplicate Element Remover gives you exact control over which design files get processed. (Any set of design files — for example, *.dgn — can be processed with a single command.) Which levels to remove duplicates from. (Maybe you have some levels on which duplicate elements [...]


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How is DGNCompare going to help you? Interactively go through a “newer” design file pointing out what’s changed from an “older” design file. Compare one version of a design file against different versions of the same file. Produce a graphical report showing the differences between compared design files. Create a detailed text report detailing the [...]




How is SpecManager going to help you? Select and place features (physical components like a specific type of door, a masonry wall or a two lane road) from a pre-configured list of features that already meet the necessary CAD standards. Place design features on the correct levels with the correct symbology and other attributes, by [...]


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How is SpecMonitor going to help you? Ensure each element added or changed conforms to your CAD standards. Ensure that design files conform to project requirements. Display exact instructions so operators can quickly remedy violated standards. Quickly train new users to follow CAD standards while designing. SpecMonitor and You [...]