October 21, 2019

Replace the reference file paths in all of your sheet files at the same time!

Replace the reference file paths

By Rick Sewell

Have you ever completed a project and then found out that the client needs some of the references saved with a different path? The purpose of this article is to show you how to replace the reference file path saved in your sheet files — while retaining all of your varying reference file names — in just minutes.

  1. Load RefManager from your “Axiom” menu in MicroStation.
  2. On the main dialog box, set “Action:” to “Modify Reference File Attachments”.

RefManager has a variety of features, such as “Modify Reference file Attachments”, which allow you to solve any MicroStation reference file problem fast!

  1. The “Modify Reference File Attachments” dialog box now appears with the “Category” already set to “Attachment Names”. Now, set the “Component:” to “Full Path”.

RefManager allows you to change any or all of the components of a reference file path in all of your sheet files at once.

  1. Change the “Method:” to “Replace Entire String”. (The “From:” field will become inactive.)


  1. In the “To:” field, enter the full new path that you want to use. It’s okay if the new path only exists on your client’s network.
  1. Press the (Close) button to return to the main dialog box.
  2. Press the (Attachments…) button.


  1. On the “Filter Reference File Attachments By” dialog box, click on “File Name” in the Category list.

The reference file attachment filter allows you to very specifically define which reference file attachments will be modified. This kind of pinpoint accuracy is part of what makes RefManager so powerful.

  1. In the “String:” field, enter the names of the reference files whose paths you want to change in your sheets. Put a semi-colon (“;”) between each file name.

Note: This limits the string substitution RefManager is going to perform to only the reference files you specify. This is so you control exactly which attachments get this new path. For example:

Say there are a whole bunch of different reference files attached to your sheet files, and these reference files are all attached using that same path you are going to change. However, you only want to change the path for the attached reference files named “construct.dgn” and “main.bdr”. In the “String:” field, enter:


This way, only “construct.dgn” and “main.bdr” will have their paths changed.

It is also possible to use wildcards in the “String:” field so as to allow a broader range of reference file names to be processed. For example, “main*.*” would find and process files such as: main.dgn, main.bdr, main-border.dg1.

  1. Press the (Close) button to return to the main RefManager dialog box.

Save time and mouse-clicks with your own customized pull-down-menu.

  1. Use the “Master Files:” field to tell RefManager which sheet files to process. You can use — like “*.— if you like. Or use the
    button to choose files graphically. You can choose as many files as you want and process them all in one job with RefManager.
  2. Press to process your files!
  3. Now — in just — all of the files you are processing will reference “construct.dgn” and “main.bdr” with the new path!