Thursday, 25 March 2021 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time


While cell libraries are useful (and necessary) repositories of data, they can also be serious time-thieves. In this training, Fredrick Kenniston, a 20+ year MicroStation software support specialist, will show you how CellManager can:

  • Rapidly re-scale or reset the working units for cells in your cell libraries,
  • Easily consolidate cell libraries or create specialized cell libraries,
  • Quickly create a new cell from an existing cell,
  • Create documentation showing the graphic and text-based data about cells in your cell libraries,
  • Make bulk changes to component elements of cells in your cell libraries,
  • Create a cell library from cells placed in design files,
  • Create text-based reports on cells in your cell libraries,
  • Import AutoCAD blocks, 3DS Max and Sketchup files as cells into a cell library,
  • Manage multiple cell libraries at the same time!

Imagine having complete control of your cell libraries by sorting, moving, importing, exporting, copying, scaling, rotating, modifying, reporting on, renaming, converting and deleting one or any number of cells within multiple cell libraries. Now imagine it’s easy ... and fast.

Join us on 25 March 2021 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time to expand your skills, reduce the amount of time spent working on cell libraries and minimize frustration. In other words, join us to gain some serious cell library savvy!

About Fredrick Kenniston:

Fredrick is Axiom's Director of Technology. He has presented to thousands of engineers, doing one on one demonstrations. He has conducted live training for many corporate Fortune 500 Engineering firms. A veteran of the United States Navy, Fredrick trained in Satellite Communications.

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