Axiom software eliminates the worst parts of your design job.

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Annoyed with time-consuming, tedious CAD/BIM tasks? We hear that every day. With Axiom software, forget the stress, the mind-numbing repetition, and the frustrating results. Get perfect results — every time — while you save yourself a ton of time.

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If you’ve ever thought, “there has to be a better way to do this” …

Tired of trying to get Word
and Excel pastes to come
out the way you need them?


Microsoft Office Importer

Microsoft Office Importer

Do you want an easy way to paste a bill of materials, a schedule or some other spreadsheet data into your design file? What about if it’s reliable and keeps a link to the original spreadsheet? Microsoft Office Importer does this and more.

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Ever spent tons of man-hours
correcting data in title blocks?


Title Block Manager

Title Block Manager

Title Block Manager automatically updates and populates information in multiple title blocks while maintaining the link to your spreadsheet so that your title blocks always stay synced.

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Messy, inaccurate results
from converting DGNs to
DWGs or vice versa?



Translation Manager

Translation Manager

Conversions between DWG and DGN can be frustrating. Let Translation Manager handle the tedious work for you.

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More Tools That Save Time and Increase Productivity

The above are just three examples of the kinds of problems that can be solved for you.

We can also:

  • Solve many reference file problems fast (including missing references).
  • Fix corrupt MicroStation files automatically.
  • Help you take control of your cell libraries.
  • Fix DGN files that give you an error message when you try to open them.
  • Handle that problem with numbering when a sheet file is inserted into (or deleted from) a set of project files.
  • Replace text, automatically, in multiple DGN files.
  • Basically, make your work life easier and make you look like a genius.

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    A superior set of tools that includes all the products listed below


    Microsoft Office Importer

    Imports Excel spreadsheets and Word documents into MicroStation with perfect formatting.



    Quickly puts out your MicroStation file corruption fires.



    Perform quality assurance checks on your MicroStation files quickly and easily.



    Take control of your MicroStation cell libraries.



    Solves any MicroStation reference file problem fast.


    Duplicate Element Remover

    Removes duplicate and near-duplicate MicroStation elements automatically.



    Quickly view design file differences.



    Merges a design file and its reference files into a single file.


    Global File Changer

    Makes unlimited changes to multiple design files quickly and easily.

    What Our Customers Say


    Save Time and Increase Productivity in MicroStation, Revit and AutoCAD

    We all know that great designs start with an idea — yet achieving the best results require the right tools. Axiom provides with you the right software tools so that you can not only turn your ideas and plans into a reality, but can do it as efficiently and as quickly as possible. Our sole job is to make your job easier — period.

    If you’re an engineer, architect, draftsman, designer, project leader, CAD manager or a CAD/BIM user, our comprehensive software tools will help you achieve the results that you expect of yourself and beyond the expectations of others.

    We take the already powerful design platform you’re familiar with, whether it’s MicroStation, Revit or AutoCAD, and add functionality that streamlines and accelerates your ability to get your job done faster and with less headaches.

    Speak with one of our representatives and have them show you how we can help make your life at work much easier and more productive. Call us at 727-442-7774

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