Thursday, 1 April 2021 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time


When did you last fly through a data import from Word documents or Excel spreadsheets into Revit, get it done in a matter of minutes, with perfect formatting and all the data inside Revit perfectly linked and synced with the same data outside of Revit? If you’re tempted to say, “Never!” trust us, you’re not alone.

Join us to master the perfect trifecta of imports into Revit with Microsoft Office Importer:

  • Easy, fast imports,
  • Flawless formatting every time,
  • Excel and Word data inside your Revit file synchronized with changes to the same data outside of Revit.

Eiren Smith, Axiom Product Expert and CAD/BIM software support veteran, will show you how to make those Word and Excel imports utterly effortless with Office Importer.

Whether it’s issues such as text size, bolding, italics, font, column widths or row heights that go haywire, Eiren will show you how to achieve perfect formatting from the get-go, every time and fast.

Register now for this webinar that’ll save you hours of grind and might just get you out of the office on time.

About Eiren Smith:

Eiren Smith is a multi-decade Axiom Product Expert and CAD/BIM software support veteran. During this webinar, he will show you how to make Office Importer your go-to for perfect formatting — fast and flawless every time.

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