How to Save Time When You Import Excel Spreadsheets Into Revit

(And Word docs and PDFs too!)

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Importing Excel Spreadsheets into
Revit Can Be a Pain in the Backside

Have you ever encountered a situation where your day was going really great until you realized you had a massive amount of data in an Excel® spreadsheet that needed to be brought into a Revit® schedule? For most of us, it’s enough to elicit a “fight or flight” response. But since you’re still here, congratulations on not heading for the hills.

The truth is, almost any Revit project you work on will require you to import data from Excel spreadsheets into Revit schedules. Maybe they’re spreadsheets for parts or materials, or data on project specifications. It may even be data that’s not model-related in any way, such as contact numbers or emails for everyone on the project. But it doesn’t matter what they are, since Revit doesn’t support easily importing spreadsheet data or linking to Excel
files, and maybe you’re not interested in importing your data as a raster image.

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Revit Users are Busy Enough

We understand that Revit users have enough to do without having to mess around with trying to get perfect imports of Excel data into Revit schedules. Sure, you can link an Excel spreadsheet to an AutoCAD® table using AutoCAD’s data link and then link the AutoCAD file to your Revit sheet. But there are at least two problems with this: One, you’re forced to own AutoCAD to make that work, and two, that’s a lot of complicated steps when there’s a much easier, simpler way — a way that has the additional benefits of exceptional formatting and greatly improved workflows.

With Microsoft Office Importer, you’ll be working smarter, not harder. Forget about the
frustration or the excessive hours spent trying to coax your imports into shape. And Microsoft Office Importer is no one-trick pony. Not only does it handle imports of Excel data, but it makes light work of Word® and PDF imports too. Check out the list of features below.

Microsoft Office Importer Features:

  • Supports Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and PDFs
  • Pastes Excel spreadsheets as schedules
  • Can import data into sheets
  • Can import data into drafting views
  • Can import data into legends
  • Can spread imports over multiple columns in your Revit project for the best fit inside your border
  • Interactively splits large pastes into multiple pages or columns for the best fit inside borders
  • Automatically repeats header rows at the top of each column
  • Can be set to automatically update the imported data whenever your Revit project is opened
  • Can show you a list of all links in your current Revit project
  • Updates multiple user-defined links at once
  • Supports superscripts and subscripts
  • Pastes data as real Revit objects (such as text notes, lines, and detail groups)
  • Minimal file size impact (doesn’t bloat your Revit project files)
  • Allows you to control text size as an import option
  • Supports absolute paths
  • Supports relative paths
  • Supports Excel functions (displaying their output in Revit)
  • Easy enough that any Revit user can use it with five minutes of training

Want to know how easy it is to import Excel spreadsheets into Revit?


Foolproof Formatting

With Microsoft Office Importer for Revit, it’s fast, easy and you get fabulous formatting every time. It’s also perfect for importing PDFs and Word data into Revit too.

Column widths, row heights, and any of the elements contained in your spreadsheet are imported perfectly. Want repeating headers? Consider it done! Want to wrap your pastes to fit within your borders perfectly? No problem. Microsoft Office Importer makes it a breeze.

Easy Automatic Updates

What turns this workhorse into a dreamboat? How about the fact that every time changes are made to the data in your source files, those changes can be automatically reflected in your Revit files? With your data linked and synced, automatic updates are locked in. You’ll never have to worry about it again.


How To Have Perfectly Maintained Standards

Beyond easy imports with great formatting, Microsoft Office Importer gives you complete control over your project standards. You control elements such as font size, column width, and row height, while Microsoft Office Importer takes care of the hundreds of other details that can often go wrong when trying to import data without it.

Easy imports, beautiful formatting, and linked data are all yours with one remarkable tool: Microsoft Office Importer.


Talk about saving time and reducing stress!

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Want to import other file formats too?

Import Word Documents

Just as with Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Office Importer can easily import editable Word docs with the same fabulous formatting while you maintain control of your standards.
Automatically update your Revit files when your source data changes.

Import PDFs

Easy imports of PDFs guaranteed. Never import a PDF one page at a time ever again. Save yourself a ton of time.

Custom Programming

Need cost-effective personalization of Revit? Custom programming gives you the precise tools you need to address your BIM situation. Like Sinatra, you can say, “I did it my way.”