Project Description

How is CellManager going to help you?

  • Make bulk changes to cells in your libraries.
  • Converting cell type from regular to point or vice versa.
  • Moving cell components to new levels.
  • Scaling or rotating cells, hanging cell symbology, deleting obsolete cells.

We’re not exaggerating when we say we’ve changed our customers’ lives for the better. Our customers no longer have the mind-numbing frustration that used to happen nearly every time they had tried to import Excel or Word data into their AutoCAD and MicroStation files. They no longer spend time futzing with poor formatting, text that can’t be easily manipulated, pastes that won’t fit, links that don’t work reliably and missing data.

CellManager and You

CellManager is the most complete MicroStation cell library management application available. CellManager puts you in control of cell libraries by allowing you to sort, view, move, import, export, copy, scale, rotate, modify, report on, rename, convert and delete one or any number of cells within multiple cell libraries or V8 and V8 XM design files.

CellManager lets you easily organize your cell libraries. Among the functions that help organize your cell libraries is the “Export” command. The “Export” command allows you to copy or move cells from one cell library to another.This allows you to collect frequently used cells from multiple cell libraries and import them into a single compact cell library. Harvest your “gems” that are lost amongst obsolete cells in large cell libraries. The “Export” command also has the capability to export cells into individual design files.