1. Which CAD/BIM program do you use? Check all that apply.

    2. Which of the following situations do you run into that take up your valuable time, cause extra work or just frustrate the heck out of you? Check all that apply.
    Do you need to import perfectly formatted Excel spreadsheet data into DGNs that automatically stay up to date?Do you spend time changing, fixing and managing references?Do you run into files that crash, won't open or that have some odd behavior like hard-to-select elements?Do you lose tons of time updating title blocks?Do you get disappointing conversions between MicroStation and AutoCAD?Do you ever need to clean up skewed, noisy and out-of-date raster reference files?Do you burn time doing repetitive tasks in multiple DGNs?Do you spend time trying to figure out what changed between versions of a DGN?Do you have cell libraries that are out of control? Do you need documentation and easy management tools?Do you spend too much time manually checking CAD standards?Do you need to submit DGN files with no reference attachments but don't want to lose all the reference data?Do you have duplicate elements in your DGN files causing you headaches?Check this box if you would like to know more about a solution for the items you checked above.