Save Time and Increase Productivity in MicroStation, AutoCAD and Revit

Our Purpose

Axiom’s purpose is to help CAD and BIM professionals design a better world for themselves, their families, their organizations and the planet, by understanding their needs and providing software that handles repetitive tasks quickly and easily. To remove some of their frustration; to increase their status and job security; to help them meet deadlines; and to get them home on time.

About Axiom


Ever since its humble 1985 inception, when it was located in a room over a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco, Axiom has provided software that helps engineers, architects, designers, drafters, project leaders, CAD managers and users handle some of their most time-consuming tasks. Even after relocating from one famous bay area to another (Tampa Bay), and despite the temptation of Florida’s beautiful beaches, the Axiom team remain focused on this mission.

Long known as the world’s largest third-party software developer dedicated to making MicroStation easier, saving MicroStation users’ time, solving their problems and increasing their production, Axiom then turned its sights into broader fields, beginning with the Autodesk universe.

Axiom’s Customers

100% of the 25 largest engineering firms in the United States are Axiom clients. Why? Axiom’s software has a 30-year, proven track record of reducing project costs, saving time and boosting productivity.

From Federal and state agencies like the US Army Corps of Engineers and 41 state Departments of Transportation to thousands of engineering firms and other AEC organizations in 62 countries, our clients consistently report significant time savings and huge boosts in productivity. Thousands of firms and government agencies use Axiom products because they’re easy to use and help get projects completed faster and more accurately than they could without them.


What Our Customers Say


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