Remove duplicate and near-duplicate MicroStation elements automatically.


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Control All the Elements in Your CAD Designs

Are your screen updates taking longer than they should? Or do you have plotting problems such as unsightly dark elements on plots?

Is MicroStation running slower than it should?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, one cause may be hidden duplicate elements. When duplicate elements are directly on top of each other, there could dozens of duplicates and you normally won’t be able to see them with your eyes. (And just imagine this happening with multiple elements in one design file.)

What if you could control the elements? Well, not air, fire and water, but full control over all the elements in your CAD designs. Would that relieve any frustration from your work day?

You can have control of duplicate and near-duplicate elements in all your design files with Duplicate Element Remover™. It saves you time while eliminating the exasperation associated with tedious work.



How is Duplicate Element Remover going to help you?

Duplicate Element Remover will:

Give you exact control over which design files get processed. (Any set of design files — for example, *.dgn — can be processed with a single command.)

Show you exactly which elements were duplicated so you can pinpoint the source of your duplicate elements.

Prevent duplicate elements from throwing off your automated quantity calculations.

Remove delays (in plotting, view updates and element selection) caused by duplicate elements.

Generate a Graphical Report


For each design file processed, Duplicate Element Remover can generate a graphical report design file showing only the unwanted, duplicate elements. The report design file has the same name as the original design file, but an extension of .drf (design report file). The MicroStation V8 version includes ProjectWise support.

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Duplicate Element Remover and You

Whether in MicroStation or OpenRoads, Duplicate Element Remover puts you in control over how closely elements have to match before they are considered duplicates. For example, what if two elements are identical, but are on different levels? What if two elements differ only in color? Or weight? Duplicate Element Remover gives you precise control over such criteria.

Duplicate Element Remover can also generate a text report file that lists each design file processed and details about every duplicate element detected. You can generate one text report file for the entire job or a separate text report file for each design file processed.


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