The easy  way to edit, copy, move, deskew and crop raster files
(even in color and without having to leave MicroStation)


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Confronting the Raster Disaster

Raster files can be a pain in the rear. Even when they're in good shape, they're still raster files, not vector files. More often than not, raster files are crooked, noisy and contain stuff you don’t want. “Stuff you don’t want” includes:

MicroStation’s Dirty Little Secret
Even if you've got clean scans whose only problem is that they’re crooked or contain unwanted “elements”, you still have an issue because MicroStation's Raster Manager doesn't really fix the attached raster file — it just makes it look fixed! The next time you attach that raster to a DGN, it’ll have those same unwanted areas and be crooked again.

Ah, but…
Good news: RasterDgn™ is an exceptional raster reference file editor that will save you time by swiftly fixing all of these problems for you. And it works for OpenRoads too. 

How is RasterDgn going to help you?


RasterDgn will:

Edit color, grayscale and monochrome raster reference files right inside of MicroStation. (See more about this below.)

Delete those portions of raster images that are not needed — in one step.

Deskew raster reference files automatically or from user-supplied rotation values.

Despeckle (remove noise) from monochrome raster reference files.

RasterDgn and You

RasterDgn is an attractive alternative to high-priced raster reference file editors for users who need to manipulate either monochrome or color raster reference files from within MicroStation. Yep, RasterDgn modifies attached raster reference files directly.

RasterDgn includes such direct raster editing features as “delete”, “copy” and “move”, based on a fence or a user-defined rectangle.

You can delete unneeded portions of a raster reference file in just one step, whereas MicroStation alone can only mask portions of raster reference files.

RasterDgn also includes more advanced features, such as the ability to “stamp” regular MicroStation vector elements — like ellipses, line strings and text — into the raster reference file as raster data.

Finally, RasterDgn makes it push-button-easy to fix skewed rasters and to remove noise (speckles) from them as well. So good.

No credit card required

Raster Reference File Editing Made Easy

RasterDgn’s intuitive user interface makes raster reference file editing so simple that it requires little or no training for new users. Configuration for administrators is extremely straightforward, making it very easy to roll RasterDgn out at each site.

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