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Imports Excel spreadsheets and Word documents into Revit with perfect formatting.

When you need to exceed Revit’s limitations.

What Our Customers Say


“We’ve been using Revit since 2007 and we have been struggling with importing documents into Revit for years now.

"Now that we have Microsoft Office Importer for Revit, wow it’s amazing. It’s been working great – it saves us tons of time – there is nothing like this in Revit. Before we had Microsoft Office Importer for Revit, we’d have to create a pdf, make a jpg then, and it was extremely time-consuming. When you have a big project and time is a factor, you can see how saving hours on every project makes quite a difference.

"Microsoft Office Importer for Revit saves us thousands of dollars a month. We’re so happy to have found Axiom.”

Thor Wiggins
BIM Manager

KSi Structural Engineers


"Office Importer is probably the most intuitive, reliable and user-friendly program/add-on I’ve ever used. Training for the users here takes about a minute. Thusly, training isn’t all together necessary."

David N Rackmales
Structural Engineer

US Army Corps of Engineers

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