Import Excel Spreadsheets and Word Docs into AutoCAD with Perfect Formatting!

Import Excel Spreadsheets and Word Docs
into AutoCAD with Perfect Formatting!


Microsoft Office Importer for AutoCAD and Autodesk Civil 3D


Microsoft Office Importer for AutoCAD
and Autodesk Civil 3D

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When You Don’t Want the Formatting of Your Imports To Test Your Vocabulary …

Have you ever been in a situation where a project deadline is looming and you’ve suddenly got to insert enormous Excel® spreadsheets with material information and specs into your AutoCAD® project? You import the first spreadsheet, but it looks nothing like the original Excel version. It looks weird. In fact, it’s a complete mess.


Haven’t You Got Better Things To Do?

You can either resign yourself to hours of monotonous, repetitive formatting to fix it all while the deadline clock continues to tick, tick, tick. Or you can have flawlessly formatted imports of Excel and Word™ data with literally a couple of mouse clicks. It’s a no-brainer which option is less stressful and more productive, right?

Can You Afford to Waste Time?

Importing Word and Excel data into AutoCAD — without the right tool — not only wastes your time but also opens the door to errors. Even with hours of painstaking manual formatting, it’s a disastrous recipe for embarrassing mistakes or late submittals.

If you’re tired of burning hours importing Excel spreadsheets and Word® docs and trying to get them to look good, you need a change.

Microsoft Office Importer™ saves you tons of time by automatically managing all the hundreds of little details that must be correct when bringing in Excel or Word data.

Spreadsheet imports that look as perfect as the original.

3 Common Problems
1 Solution for Them All

  1. Trying to insert huge Excel spreadsheets or Word documents into AutoCAD is problematic. (You could call it a pain in the you-know-what.)
  1. If you can’t keep that imported data linked (and synced) to the Excel or Word source file, there’s no possibility of automatic updates for your imports.
  1. Getting a huge import to fit inside your DWG border is a pain.

The solution is Microsoft Office Importer  for AutoCAD.

Save Time, Avoid Repetitive Tasks and Cover Your

Save Time, Avoid Repetitive Tasks and Cover Your You-Know-What

No matter which industry you work in, you’re always going to need to import Word or Excel data into AutoCAD. You need that data to be accurate and up-to-date. And ideally, for it to look exactly like the original document, with perfect formatting.

Sure, you could format it manually, but why waste time when there’s a purpose-built solution to do it for you? To virtually automate your imports, you need a modern add-in to make it happen for you. That’s Microsoft Office Importer for AutoCAD.

Your Microsoft Office Importer tool saved us an estimated three months of full-time work on just one project.

— Joe Carbajal, Project Engineer, WKE Inc.

If you want:

Quantity, quality and speed,

Data accuracy,

Perfect readability and

Easy maintenance of project standards,

Microsoft Office Importer for AutoCAD gives you all that and more.

Know what else it gives you?

Automatic updates to your imported data. Your imports can be linked and synced to your source files so that any changes made to the source data produce automatic updates to the imported data.

If you want peace of mind on every Word and Excel import to AutoCAD you’ll ever do, Microsoft Office Importer is the only tool you’ll ever need.

Want to Know What Flawless Formatting Looks Like?

The import mess you’re staring at on your screen is going to take hours to fix. But guess what? You don’t have hours. You need that spreadsheet to look like, well, like a spreadsheet — not a jumble of numbers and misaligned columns that make it look as though you don’t know what you’re doing. What do you do when your imports are a mess? See the difference Microsoft Office Importer makes.

29-Mar-2024 - 1 - Excel Initial look in Excel (1)

A spreadsheet in Excel

29-Mar-2024 - 2 - Excel Initial Paste to AutoCAD

The same spreadsheet imported into AutoCAD with Microsoft Office Importer


A document in Word

28-Mar-2024 - 3 - Word Paste into AutoCAD

The same document imported into AutoCAD with Microsoft Office Importer

The Benefits of Being Linked and Synced

No more worrying about how to keep the Excel and Word data inside your AutoCAD file synchronized with changes to the same data outside of AutoCAD. Microsoft Office Importer automatically links them when you do an import. Result? The time-saving and improved accuracy of automatic updates!

29-Mar-2024 - 1 - Excel Initial look in Excel (1)

Initial Selection in Excel

29-Mar-2024 - 2 - Excel Initial Paste to AutoCAD

Initial Selection Pasted into AutoCAD

29-Mar-2024 - 3 - Excel Updated

Updates Made to Spreadsheet in Excel

29-Mar-2024 - 4 - Excel Updated Paste

Automatically Updated in AutoCAD

Don’t Lower Your Standards

While importing Word documents and Excel spreadsheets into AutoCAD with flawless formatting, Microsoft Office Importer lets you maintain control over your project standards (text size, font and more) for the imported data while it takes care of the hundreds of little details that can go wrong — but need to be right. It handles your formatting and linking for you and ensures the pasted information stays up to date in AutoCAD — all while reducing annoying, repetitive steps.


When there is a time constraint — which is always — using Microsoft Office Importer has been critical for us. Now we can get more done. I’m a lifelong fan.

— Abe Arollo, CAD Manager, AECOM

Wrestling with the formatting of imports into AutoCAD can take more patience than the average human possesses. We don’t care how saintly you are, attempting to wrangle imports into flawlessness is enough to unleash profanity even you didn’t know you were capable of. Skip the swearing. Use Microsoft Office Importer instead.

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Note: Separate versions are also available for MicroStation and Revit.

What About Header Rows in Your Excel Paste?

Did you watch the video above? Did you see how effortlessly Microsoft Office Importer can split your gigantic spreadsheets to fit perfectly inside your DWG borders? That leaves the question: What about your header rows? You need them repeated all over the place. No sweat. Microsoft Office Importer handles this for you automatically.

Cool, But What About Really Huge Excel or Word Pastes?

If you’ve ever tried to get a tall Excel or Word paste into a short space, you know the trouble it gives you. In fact, in talking with some new customers, we found that one of the tasks that users spend a lot of time on is trying to make tall pastes fit inside their DWG borders.

These AutoCAD users would manually split up tall data into multiple pastes. Trying to do this is both time-consuming and frustrating. Simply changing text size is rarely an option as the text must be readable in the plot and must almost always follow a CAD standard that dictates the text size.

Fortunately, for Microsoft Office Importer owners, this isn’t an issue.

Microsoft Office Importer has a feature called “split paste into columns.” Now, when you go to place a tall paste into your DWG file, Microsoft Office Importer automatically and intelligently splits your paste into multiple columns so that it fits nicely into the allotted space — and repeats the headers for you.

To be clear, this refers to columns in the DWG file, not Excel columns. The paste that Microsoft Office Importer splits into multiple columns can contain as many Excel columns and rows as you like.

In effect, your tall paste flows naturally from one column in your DWG file to the next column (from left to right).

The result is your paste starts where you choose and automatically creates one or more “columns” for you.

How Microsoft Office Importer  Can Help You

Customer support high five, consulting or team celebrate telemarketing success, contact us CRM goals or ERP telecom. Call center diversity, ecommerce winner or happy technical support consultant.

If you want your imported Excel data in AutoCAD to look just like the original Excel spreadsheet, Microsoft Office Importer is the answer. And a Word import will look exactly like the original Word doc.

Discover for yourself how easy imports can be — exceptional formatting guaranteed — with a free trial version of Microsoft Office Importer for AutoCAD.

Quickly and easily import Excel spreadsheets and Word documents into your DWG files in one simple step. This includes schedules, bills of material, general notes and more. The formatting is beautiful and looks just like the original document.

Effortlessly spread large amounts of data into multiple columns while importing it into AutoCAD. It’s as easy as “drop and drag.” The amount of time saved here can be staggering!

Enjoy total control over your CAD standards when importing from Excel spreadsheets and Word documents — including color, weight, style, text size, font and more.

Have no worries about how to keep your Excel and Word data synchronized inside your AutoCAD project. Microsoft Office Importer can automatically link Excel and Word files to your DWG files when you do
an import.

Want automatic updates of your imports? With Microsoft Office Importer, you can either import the spreadsheet itself or insert a link to it in your project file. Either way, since you don’t have to mess around with the formatting or make manual updates, there’s no more double work for you!

Enjoy having impressive formatting in AutoCAD with zero effort on your part.

Note: Separate versions are available for MicroStation and Revit.

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Don’t You Think You Deserve:

Excel spreadsheets and Word docs that look just like the originals?

Imports that are linked and synced to the source files so that you get automatic updates when changes are made to the source data?

Easily maintained CAD standards?

To have huge amounts of data easily spread into
your sheets?

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Our Incomparable Experience with Importing and Linking Excel and Word Data into AutoCAD

Close up shot red darts arrows in the target center on dark blue sky background. Business target or goal success and winner concept.

Want software with incredible reliability? That’s simple. Just spend more than a quarter century refining your products based on feedback from countless CAD professionals using your software successfully. That’s been our approach. And it still is.

When importing data — such as schedules, general notes or any required information — into AutoCAD from Word and Excel, ensuring a swift and seamless process is our goal, without compromising quality and accuracy.

Keeping your project files up to date — even when team members make changes to the original spreadsheets and documents without notifying you — is essential. Having swift, precise imports that remain linked to the source data for automatic updates demands software with no glitches or missing features.

So, you want rapid, effortless imports. You want impeccable dependability. You want fully automated updates, combined with the certainty that your AutoCAD drawings are up-to-date and impervious to eagle-eyed scrutiny upon submission. Naturally, you also want to maintain control over the appearance of your data, without it becoming a time-eating burden.

Achieving this functional combination requires dealing with a multitude of subtle — and not-so-subtle — factors.

Every day, we sidestep landmines — so that you don’t have to — that could result in missing data in your imports, wasted time, client dissatisfaction and general frustration with the import process. Problems can remain hidden until they surface unexpectedly — usually at the worst possible time. To prevent these pitfalls, our world-class software engineers work constantly to strengthen our solutions.

The Advantages of Axiom

A long legacy of continually enhancing technical details to address every conceivable situation.

A proven track record of understanding precisely what our AutoCAD users require.

Tens of thousands of software-engineering hours invested in scrutinizing every conceivable Excel and Word import scenario.


Solutions to the multitude of import issues that can arise with Excel, Word, and AutoCAD.

Time-saving, streamlined imports into AutoCAD.

Automatic updates via linked Excel and Word documents in AutoCAD.

Convenient support for a variety of cloud storage systems.

Seamless integration, regardless of project size.

Customer support ensures you have the smoothest software experience ever.

Want to know what other AutoCAD users like yourself have experienced?

What Our Customers Say

Got data to import? Get it done — fast and flawless — with Microsoft Office Importer.

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Red Carpet Customer Service

At Axiom, we don’t provide typical customer service. Our culture is to go way beyond that. You get a Customer Co-conspirator who will go the extra mile to ensure that you gain every imaginable benefit from your purchase.

As a MicroStation, Revit or AutoCAD user, you deserve reliable, sincere service that assists you in getting the job done. And at Axiom, you’ll get much more than that.

If you’ve ever wondered what the “red carpet” of tech support is like, now is your opportunity to experience it. This level of service is unmatched in the software world. Seriously, other companies have tech support reps.

Who else has Customer Co-conspirators?

The red carpet under the lights

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