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Do you ever have…

  • DGN files that produce an error message when opened?
  • A design file that won’t open at all?
  • Elements that misbehave in some way?
  • Elements won’t plot the same way they appear on your monitor?
  • DGN files that convert incorrectly to AutoCAD or other file types?
  • Elements you can’t select or delete?
  • Elements not on a defined level?
  • Models that are unable to be selected?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you have MicroStation file corruption. It’s delaying your projects, causing extra work and jeopardizing your job and your company’s reputation.

Did You Know…

  • That some kinds of design file corruption can remain hidden for years?
  • That hidden corruptions can make a design file prone to future corruptions?
  • That the design file you restored from backup might contain hidden problems that cause it to get corrupted again and again?

FileFixer Extinguishes MicroStation Fires Like a Boss


FileFixer fixes corrupt MicroStation and OpenRoads files automatically.

It usually requires no more than typing in (or double-clicking on) the name of the damaged file.

Or you can even run it on dozens or hundreds of files at a time.

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How Much is MicroStation File Corruption Costing You?

Consider a small design file that took 200 man-hours to create. If that design file and its backups have a hidden corruption that made it unusable, how much money would that cost your organization?

Let’s find out. Let’s take the 200 man-hours example above.


And that’s just one design file! Think how much time and effort you’re losing in a whole year!

File Corruption Means Missed Deadlines and Tons of Frustration


The MicroStation file corruption symptoms listed at the top of this page are slowing down your projects and making you work harder with little to show for it. As we have shown, you can put an objective dollar value you on it. However, as a designer, you are the one working in MicroStation on a day-to-day basis. For you, it’s not just about the cost. It’s about the frustration. And we know that.

How Can You Benefit from FileFixer?

  • Avoid unpleasant surprises when accepting submissions from subcontractors by running FileFixer on everything they send you. Since FileFixer can be run on batches of files at once, this is a fast process.
  • Eradicate project delays caused by unexpected data corruption that makes design files behave oddly.
  • Keep projects on schedule.

Handle DGN File Oddities — Automatically

With FileFixer any MicroStation user can repair damaged design files without waiting and without wasting anyone else’s time.

Axiom’s extensive research into file and element behavior in MicroStation has been incorporated into FileFixer — the only program that automatically fixes problematic design files in minutes.

W10 -- 2019-05-30, 17_25_53 -- FileFixer

Gain Total Control of the File Repair Process

FileFixer’s meticulously fine-tuned defaults fix most MicroStation files without user intervention. Nonetheless, when you need greater control of the file-repair process, FileFixer gives you a way to control virtually every aspect. The screenshots below show some of the file fixing options you can set.

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