Feel like you need eight arms to wrestle your design project into submission?

How To Beat Deadlines and Look Like a Genius WIth MicroStation Booster Software


Are your Word® or Excel® imports not turning out exactly as you’d hoped?

Are changes to title blocks chewing up your time?

Got a DGN file producing an error message or refusing to open at all?

Our MicroStation software booster applications give you control over several repetitive, time-eating and tricky MicroStation tasks!

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Got a MicroStation problem?

Check out these tools.


Microsoft Office Importer

Import spreadsheet and word processing data into MicroStation with perfect formatting!

Tired of burning the midnight oil importing spreadsheets and docs only to be disappointed that they don’t look quite as good as the originals?

Microsoft Office Importer eases your spreadsheet and word processing data into MicroStation as effortlessly as a graceful gazelle. Data imports never looked so good!


MicroStation Productivity Toolkit

Advanced MicroStation productivity tools!

No one likes having to work late or on weekends. No one likes the pressure of a project being behind schedule with a deadline looming. And no company likes losing money or spending it unnecessarily.

The time-saving that is possible with Productivity Toolkit makes you look like a MicroStation superhero, wielding the power of ultra-efficiency. It’s not just a set of tools, but a guardian of your precious time, ensuring that MicroStation quirks no longer steal your weekends or empty the company coffers.


MicroStation Acceleration Garage

Solve MicroStation problems fast!

Trouble pasting Word documents or Excel spreadsheets into MicroStation or OpenRoads? Finding and reattaching multiple missing references or changing the settings in multiple files? Getting an error message when opening a DGN file — or worse, a file that won’t open at all?

Acceleration Garage is where MicroStation troubles get left in the dust. With the software parked in this garage, you’re in for the MicroStation ride of your life.



Fix any MicroStation file automatically!

Are you plagued by DGN files with error messages, unopenable design files, or elements that misbehave, won’t plot correctly, or can’t be selected or deleted? Do you encounter issues with incorrect conversions to AutoCAD or other file types, or struggle with elements not on a defined level, or with unselectable models?

FileFixer gets into the nooks and crannies of any misbehaving MicroStation file and resuscitates it. It’s like an in-house software medic for your files!


Title Block Manager

Achieve title block consistency automatically!

Imagine that it’s late on Friday afternoon with a looming Monday deadline, and you just realized that the project data in the title blocks is incorrect due to last-minute changes. And now you have to manually update over 500 files. How’s it feel to see your weekend slip away before it’s even begun?

Let this tool do the heavy lifting for you. Let it save you hours changing tag values in thousands of files at a time. Let it renumber all of your sheets while you grab a coffee. And more. Title Block Manager is like having a personal assistant to help get more done, faster.


Translation Manager

Solve MicroStation problems fast!

Trouble pasting Word documents or Excel spreadsheets into MicroStation or OpenRoads? Finding and reattaching multiple missing references or changing the settings in multiple files? Getting an error message when opening a DGN file — or worse, a file that won’t open at all?

Acceleration Garage is where MicroStation troubles get left in the dust. With the software parked in this garage, you’re in for the MicroStation ride of your life.



Solve any MicroStation reference file problems fast!

Want to solve any MicroStation reference problems quickly and easily? Whether you’ve got missing references, need to change settings in multiple references, or need to find out about saved paths or other settings in your references, RefManager gives you all this, and more.

With RefManager, you can easily locate references that have been moved, renamed or deleted. You can clone and replace one or many references in multiple project files in a single processing run. Reference files are easily attached to hundreds of design files with a single command. Or maybe you need to adjust reference file symbology on hundreds of design files — also with a single command. RefManager does it all, and more, saving you a ton of time.



Easily edit raster reference files — in color — without leaving MicroStation!

Raster files are often crooked, noisy, and have problems that are tough to solve. Example: MicroStation’s Raster Manager doesn’t really fix the attached raster files. It just makes it look fixed. But the next time you attach that raster to a DGN, guess what? It has those same original problems all over again. RasterDgn easily edits, copies, moves, deskews and crops raster reference files, in color, without you needing to leave MicroStation.

RasterDgn is like having a cosmetic surgeon for your raster files.


Global File Changer

Make unlimited changes to multiple design files quickly and easily!

Who has the time to make changes to hundreds of design files? Not you? We understand. Global File Changer will make global changes to multiple design files with just a few simple keystrokes. Maybe you need to move or re-map elements, modify properties or replace cells in multiple DGN files. Global File Changer does it all for you — and much more.

Global File Changer is like your wingman for making global file changes.


Custom Programming

Custom CAD & BIM programming from the one you trust.

Tailored solutions to fit your specific needs. With our Custom Programming, you’ll get exactly what you want and never have to “make do” again.



Quickly view design file differences!

Have you ever been tasked with manually comparing multiple versions of a design file that are all very similar and each contains an overwhelming number of elements? Daunting stuff when you see it. If you’ve ever had to deal with that, you know it takes hours of painstaking work to sort out.

DgnCompare helps you spot design file differences as quickly as Sherlock spots clues. Elementary, dear MicroStation user!



Merge a design file and its reference files into a single file!

Ever need to send a client a project update that’s easy for the client to review and doesn’t have a bunch of attachments? Want to be able to archive a set of design project files without risking losing all its references?

RefMerge is like housekeeping for your MicroStation projects. Impress colleagues and clients with that single, organized design file for the tidiest projects they’ve ever seen.


Duplicate Element Remover

Remove duplicate and near-duplicate MicroStation elements automatically!

Are your screen updates taking longer than they should? Or do you have plotting problems such as unsightly dark elements on plots? Is MicroStation running slower than it should? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, one cause may be hidden duplicate elements.

Duplicate Element Remover is like a personal trainer, automatically removing extraneous MicroStation elements and whipping your MicroStation files into the best shape of their lives.



Perform quality assurance checks on your MicroStation files quickly and easily! 

How many hours do you or your team spend each month searching for CAD standards violations, and is it anything other than “not many”? If so, wouldn’t you prefer a tool like SpecChecker that can automatically discover, report, and even correct elements that don’t comply with your CAD standards?

SpecChecker is like the serious, efficient, clipboard-carrying bespectacled guy in the white lab coat performing stringent quality control checks before giving you the thumbs up!



Take control of your MicroStation cell libraries! 

Are you overwhelmed by a client’s cell library filled with hundreds of cells, many of which are irrelevant to the project, realizing that sifting through them will chew up hours you don’t have to spare? Wouldn’t you prefer an application that can get this daunting job done for you in about five minutes?

CellManager is like having a strict librarian — with glasses and great legs — concentrated on making sure that your cell libraries are more organized than, well, a library.



The full-featured MicroStation spell checker!

Do you worry about appearing unprofessional in presentations or submissions due to spelling errors or sloppy work, and wish you could easily check and correct all text elements in an active design file, including its cells and reference-file elements? What if there were a solution to get this done faster than anything else out there?

SpellCheckerPlus is the dedicated grammarian making sure your files are as grammatically perfect as a well-edited thesis. (We think she’s related to the librarian.)



Easily design with the right feature and right symbology!

Have you ever faced designers complaining because the CAD standards for a project are too complex or time-consuming, with standards including hundreds of separate listings for level, color, style, and weight, taking a toll on production? What if there were a tool like SpecManager to step in and save the project, reducing the time lost in manually setting the symbology and drafting?

For projects with that “wow” factor, you need SpecManager. This software is like hiring an interior designer for your MicroStation projects: Everything looks good and is neatly squared away in its place.

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