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How to excel in AutoCAD and Micro Station webinar with Eiren Smith

How to Excel in AutoCAD and MicroStation

Eiren Smith from Axiom talks about how to Excel in AutoCAD™ and MicroStation™ with Axiom’s Microsoft Office Importer™.

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How to Become a MicroStation Guru webinar with Fredrick Kenniston

Axiom – How to Become a MicroStation Guru Webinar

Fredrick Kenniston from Axiom talks about becoming a MicroStation™ guru and how it can help you solve problems in the production environment.

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Converting DGN and DWG files webinar with Lynn Allen

DGN to DWG Conversion or Vice Versa? Forget the Grind — Watch the Webinar!

Want a perfect conversion of DGN to DWG or vice versa? Discover the most common reasons for failure and what you can do about them.

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Office Importer for AutoCAD webinar with Lynn Allen

Office Importer for AutoCAD Technical Showcase

No more manual data entry and formatting of information that’s already in Excel or Word files.

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Perfect imports into AutoCAD webinar with Lynn Allen

Smart Importing for AutoCAD Webinar hosted by Lynn Allen

Enjoy total control over your CAD standards when importing from Excel spreadsheets and Word documents.

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Beat Your MicroStation Deadlines webinar with Fredrick Kenniston

MicroStation Mastery: Beat Your Deadlines Every Time

MicroStation Made Easier. We provide the tools and services that make you look like a genius and get you home on time.

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Smart Word and Excel Imports for Revit webinar with Lynn Allen

Lynn Allen Hosts Smart Importing For Revit #2

Microsoft Office Importer for Revit easily and quickly imports Excel spreadsheets and Word documents into your Revit project files in one simple step.

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Perfect Revit imports for Word and Excel webinar with Lynn Allen

Perfect Revit Importing for Word and Excel Webinar, Hosted by Lynn Allen

If you’ve ever had to import a Word doc or an Excel spreadsheet into Revit, you know what it’s like to burn hours on a job.

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