Got Revit problems? There’s a tool for that.

Productivity Toolkit for Revit

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Revit Made Easier
(For Your Sanity and Your Design Career)

You chose your field so that you can do what you do best: design. And while that may occasionally mean working late or on weekends, and dealing with the pressure of looming deadlines, we believe that there should be a way to save you time and reduce stress. 

Are imports of Excel spreadsheets, Word documents or PDFs tricky or do they take longer than you’d like? Do you find working with Revit® families frustrating? Does it chew up too much of your valuable time?

With Productivity Toolkit for Revit, that all ends now.


Imagine a set of tools — specifically designed to address the needs of Revit users like yourself — that handles a variety of repetitive, time-eating tasks for you.

Welcome to Productivity Toolkit — a collection of tools for Revit that can help you save time, make work easier and reduce stress.


Productivity Toolkit for Revit

This package contains the following applications for one low price.


Automatically import PDFs, Excel and Word data — with perfect formatting!

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Finding and editing Revit families made easier!

This is massive time-savings. This is no more family drama. This is Revit made easier.

How to Crush Your Design Job

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You got into design, to design, not to waste time with tedious and repetitive tasks. We have listened to designers like you for over 30 years. Now you can have tools to put an end to mind-numbing work.

Productivity Toolkit for Revit is a collection of tools for Revit that will help you save time, make work easier and reduce stress.

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