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BIM bridge

BIM Only? The Randselva Bridge, A World First

A bridge in Norway was built using nothing but BIM. This article explores the project and offers tips for speeding up your BIM workflows.

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unusual architecture

BIM’s Funny Funnel: The Alto Tower, Paris

An overview of the unusual architecture of the Alto Tower, Paris, plus a look at tools to speed up projects in Revit for faster, easier workflows.

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state of the art design

State-of-the-Art BIM Design and the Glass of Red

When a winery fire caused millions in damages, the owners rebuilt, creating a state-of-the-art facility that relied heavily on BIM.

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Shanghai Tower

Building a Giant with BIM: The Shanghai Tower

The Shanghai Tower is an outstanding example of the impact of BIM on design & construction. We also discuss how you can save time in Revit or AutoCAD.

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engineering plastic

Re-Engineering Plastic: It’s Fantastic!

Engineering provides thought-provoking new solutions to the age-old problem of plastic waste.

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CAD healthcare

Futuristic Healthcare Thanks to CAD

The impact of CAD on the healthcare industry has far-reaching potential for changing and improving lives in a variety of fields from cardiology to fertility.

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Accelerate Your MicroStation: What’s in Your Garage?

Speed up MicroStation tasks and get out of the office earlier with MicroStation Acceleration Garage software

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Winy Maas

From Concrete Jungle to Lush Oasis: Visionary Project Alters Cityscape

The Valley, an inspirational building in Amsterdam by architect Winy Maas, proves that a single project can reinvigorate a central business district.

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mining the moon

Mining the Moon: An Out-of-This-World Challenge for CAD/BIM Designers

Oxygen required for proposed lunar base necessitates mining metals on the Moon to build a pipeline.

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