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Norman Foster

Anyone who has been to London is likely to have seen The Gherkin, and if you have marveled over the Apple Campus in Cupertino, then you have been admiring the work of Norman Foster.

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Playtex and the Space Suit?

If you didn’t already know who it was that manufactured the spacesuit, a bra manufacturer may not be the most obvious candidate.

When Neil Armstrong made the step and gave his famous one-sentence speech on July 20, 1969, he was being supported by a brand-new technology that had to solve a few problems: being both wearable and maneuverable, but also providing adequate protection from an alien environment.

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Le Corbusier

A French contemporary of Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, like Wright, had a lack of formal training, and even complained to his art teacher at one point that he had “a horror of architecture and architects”.

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Microsoft Office Importer users tell it like it is!

Clearwater, Florida, USA —It’s summertime here in Florida and that often means sweltering temperatures, long lines at Disney World and bad tan lines. Rather than venture outdoors, I find myself sorting through my e-mail inbox to see what users are saying about using Microsoft Office Importer. Just so you know, Microsoft Office Importer is Axiom’s…

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How will your legacy V7 files behave once in V8?

By Al Germolus CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — The best way to guarantee that V7 files import into MicroStation V8 healthy and whole, is to first process then with FileFixer before importing them in V8. This isn’t to say that it is necessary to repair all V7 files prior to import into V8, but I do…

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How to Do Four Hours of Title Block Changes in Just a Few Minutes

No matter whether you use MicroStation or AutoCAD If you work with title blocks in MicroStation or AutoCAD, most likely you’ve had a situation where a DGN or DWG file was added to a project, requiring you to now renumber all or a large portion of the sheet files in the project. Whether working in…

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Bringing new ideas to life — An interview with Dr. Victor Frankenstein

Castle Frankenstein, Transylvania — Scientist and inventor Dr. Victor Frankenstein rarely grants interviews, but recently he came out of seclusion to grant a very special interview to MicroStation Today. One of Dr. Frankenstein’s goals is to design additions to his castle that look like they’ve been there for hundreds of years. MicroStation Today: Tell us…

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Translating Between MicroStation and AutoCAD Again?

How to use Translation Manager to get translations done right the first time and every time after that By Rick DeWitt, Axiom Senior Product Manager I don’t care what anyone tells you, there is no such thing as a one-click, omnipotent translation button for translations between MicroStation and AutoCAD files. But you can make these…

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The secret behind excellent infrastructure

How do you ensure excellent infrastructure? What is the real secret behind it? What “infrastructure” underlies all excellent infrastructure? That infrastructure has always played a critical role in every society’s ability to survive is obvious. It’s the full and wide-ranging effects that infrastructure has on a society that are often grossly underestimated. Roads, bridges, aqueducts,…

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