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Revit tools

Escape the Revit Rabbit Hole: 13 Tools To Turbocharge Your Productivity

How to turbocharge productivity in Revit, while minimizing repetition and reducing frustration and stress? These 13 tools are a good start.

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CAD convention

What Happens at a CAD Convention Stays at a CAD Convention — Or Does It?

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a CAD convention? Turns out it’s funnier than you may think.

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Ai Robot

Will AI Kill Your CAD Career or Are Things About To Get Much Better?

AI is expected to have an impact on the CAD industry. But will it be bad for CAD users, or will it be beneficial?

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MicroStation vs AutoCAD

MicroStation vs AutoCAD: The Square-Off

This comparative study outlines differences and similarities between MicroStation vs AutoCAD.

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BIM bridge

BIM Only? The Randselva Bridge, A World First

A bridge in Norway was built using nothing but BIM. This article explores the project and offers tips for speeding up your BIM workflows.

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unusual architecture

BIM’s Funny Funnel: The Alto Tower, Paris

An overview of the unusual architecture of the Alto Tower, Paris, plus a look at tools to speed up projects in Revit for faster, easier workflows.

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state of the art design

State-of-the-Art BIM Design and the Glass of Red

When a winery fire caused millions in damages, the owners rebuilt, creating a state-of-the-art facility that relied heavily on BIM.

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Shanghai Tower

Building a Giant with BIM: The Shanghai Tower

The Shanghai Tower is an outstanding example of the impact of BIM on design & construction. We also discuss how you can save time in Revit or AutoCAD.

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engineering plastic

Re-Engineering Plastic: It’s Fantastic!

Engineering provides thought-provoking new solutions to the age-old problem of plastic waste.

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