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the line Saudi Arabia

CAD/BIM Design Project: Desert Oasis or Dystopian Hell?

Was The Line in Saudi Arabia an over-ambitious dream? What’s happened to this massive Middle Eastern project and why?

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MicroStation reference files

Replace the Reference File Paths in All of Your Sheet Files at the Same Time!

Want to know how to replace the reference file paths in all of your sheet files at the same time?

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MicroStation V8i MicroStation CONNECT

MicroStation V8i Keyboard Shortcuts

How to speed up your workflow with MicroStation’s handy keyboard shortcuts that work in CONNECT, OpenRoads, OpenBridge, GEOPAK and V8i — and save you a ton of time.

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space suit

Playtex and the Space Suit?

Discover what bras and space suits have in common and how the Apollo11 crew were kept safe.

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Shanghai Tower Failure

Building a Giant with BIM: The Shanghai Tower

The Shanghai Tower is an outstanding example of the impact of BIM on design & construction. But was it a failure or a success?

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MicroStation keyboard shortcuts

MicroStation Key-In Commands Save You Time

Save a ton of time with this list of over 80 keyboard shortcuts for both past and present versions of MicroStation.

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Ai Robot

Will AI Kill Your CAD Career or Are Things About To Get Much Better?

AI is expected to have an impact on the CAD industry. But will it be bad or beneficial? CAD/BIM users deserve answers.

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plastic roads

The Road More Traveled: An Asphalt Alternative for the Future?

Whether you’re looking at alternatives to asphalt or concrete roads or driveways, you may be surprised to discover that plastic offers a long-lasting option.

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Swiss dam

Against the Clock: Swiss Engineers Race To Save Damned Dam

What do you do when a dam wall holding back billions of gallons of water has a crack in it? You re-engineer the situation with Swiss precision. Fast.

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