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Relieving the Pain of CAD Standards Complexity

How many hours do you estimate you or your staff spend during the course of any month looking for CAD standards violations? If your answer is anything other than “not many”, that’s too many.

The purpose of SpecChecker™ is to automatically discover, report and optionally correct elements in your design files that do not comply with your CAD standards. You tell SpecChecker what your CAD standards are and SpecChecker reports and even corrects the elements which violate your standards.

SpecChecker allows anyone on the CAD team to easily check multiple design files in a batch or to run interactively and zoom in on each violation (inside MicroStation) one at a time.


How is SpecChecker Going to Help You?

SpecChecker allows you to:

Identify every design file or cell library element that does not conform to your standards.

Ensure elements are on the correct levels.

Check symbology (color, weight, style), font and types of elements to ensure they follow a drawing standard.

Check the size, font and justification of text elements.

Check level settings.

Check the names of cells to ensure that only standard cells are used.

Check many, many more element and DGN file properties.

SpecChecker and You

SpecChecker saves you from hundreds of hours of tedious, manual proofreading of design files (and even cell libraries). SpecChecker catches violations and eradicates a major source of rejected submittals.

No credit card required

How SpecChecker Makes Your Job Easier

SpecChecker enables you to:

Inspect one or multiple design files or cell libraries at a time.

Correct violations automatically.

Interactively edit the elements which do not conform to your standards.

Eliminate the time and tedium of manual proofreading.

Ensure drawings are correct before they are plotted or submitted.

Generate text reports detailing every standards violation. Share these reports with teammates, contractors (to show them their mistakes so they don't repeat them) and to clients (to prove standards compliance).

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