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Your CAD/BIM application doesn't quite do everything you or your bigger clients need. So far, you've been able to throw people at the problem. But you're losing time — and money — making pro engineers, architects or drafters do repetitive tasks in an effort to make up for what the off-the-shelf application lacks. And while these guys are your go-to AutoCAD professionals, they’re not AutoCAD programmers.


You wonder, “Isn't there someone who can do the custom programming for us? It would save us tons of man-hours on virtually every project until the end of time!” But then you get disheartened by your own high standards, and think, “Nah, nobody would understand our needs — they'd just create something they want and not what we want.”

You’ve got enough problems. See below on how this one can go away.

How is Custom Programming for MicroStation and AutoCAD going to help you?


Although working with the right platform (MicroStation, OpenRoads Designer, Civil 3D, Revit) gives you a great start, it’s not uncommon that off-the-shelf solutions won't provide everything your client needs or that you need to get a project done under budget. This is where Axiom Custom Programming steps in and ensures you have the precise tools you need to more easily handle your CAD and BIM situations.

Cost Effectiveness

“Custom” doesn’t have to mean “expensive”. We know how to keep costs down by understanding your needs early on and helping you look around corners for surprises before they cost you money. This is a skill we've honed over innumerable successful projects. We consider it one of the "secrets" of our success in Custom Programming.

Quality Assurance

Axiom makes reliable, easy-to-use software for MicroStation, Revit, AutoCAD and various Bentley and Autodesk vertical applications. Thousands upon thousands of CAD and BIM users run Axiom software every day, so our software has to deliver. The same quality-assurance personnel who ensure our off-the-shelf software is in perfect condition at all times are also responsible for ensuring you are completely satisfied with your custom-programmed application.


Custom Programming and You


When you contract us for Custom Programming, the first thing we do is discover exactly what you want your application to do and how it should work. After the design of your product is complete, the specifications are passed to an experienced, disciplined programmer or programming team where the coding is completed and documented. Then it is passed to our Quality Assurance Division where an individual trained to find bugs and inconsistencies in software examines every aspect of your application.

About AutoCAD Custom Programming:

Axiom is a prolific developer of software utilities for MicroStation, Revit and AutoCAD. Approximately 90 percent of the largest MicroStation customers in North America own at least one of Axiom’s applications.

Over three decades of Custom Programming experience in the CAD community.

Custom coding in a wide variety of programming languages.

Complete documentation for your customized application.

Exceptional quality control.

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