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Because You’re Not a Spelling-Bee Champion

When doing presentations or submitting project files to execs or clients, the last thing you want happening is to look like you can’t spell or give the impression that you do sloppy work.

What if you could easily check and correct all text elements in an active design file, all its cells and reference-file elements?

What if you could have it done faster than anything else out there?


How is SpellCheckerPlus Going to Help You?


SpellCheckerPlus™ will:

Show each spelling error in the MicroStation view of your choice.

Check or not check text in cells, at your discretion.

Provide the option of using shareable project dictionaries (making it unnecessary for each individual operator to keep re-adding words that another operator has already added to the dictionary). On multi-person projects, this is a great time saver.

Check your files blazingly fast.

SpellCheckerPlus and You

SpellCheckerPlus is a remarkable application which allows you to quickly check for spelling errors in a MicroStation design file, plus much more. The MicroStation V8 version includes ProjectWise support.

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