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No More Lost Time Manually Dealing With Cell Libraries

Your client gave you his cell library, seed files and standards. You open their cell library and find hundreds of cells — half of which have nothing to do with the project. Someone has to go through the whole cell library and get rid of the irrelevant cells. You realize there’s probably other problems in those cells too. It’s going to chew up a ton of hours that you don’t have to spare.

Luckily for you, there’s an application that gets the job done for you in about five minutes — CellManager™.


How is CellManager going to help you?

CellManager will:

Automatically create excellent cell library documentation.

Organize your cell libraries by moving cells from one cell library to another.

Modify the properties (color, weight, style, level, font and more) in any number of library cells.

Save you time dealing with cell library drama

Organize Your Cell Libraries

CellManager will easily organize your cell libraries. The “Export” command copies or moves cells from one cell library to another. CellManager can even collect the most important cells (any cells you choose) from multiple cell libraries and import them into a single compact cell library. It will harvest those “gems” that were lost amongst obsolete cells in large cell libraries.

No credit card required

and You

CellManager puts you in control of cell libraries by sorting, moving, importing, exporting, copying, scaling, rotating, modifying, reporting on, renaming, converting and deleting one or any number of cells within multiple cell libraries. And it works in OpenRoads too.

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