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Your Out-of-the-Box Revit isn’t Cutting It


What do you do when Revit just doesn’t do exactly what you (or your client) needs?

Plan A: You give the project to your best guy and cross your fingers. He hunkers down and watches 20 hours of Dynamo how-to videos on YouTube.

A couple of weeks go by. He’s got… something. But only he can operate it. And it’s limited in functionality. You need a solution that anyone on the team can use and that can do all you need done. The project clock keeps ticking.

It’s not an uncommon situation. Not only did the Revit experts on your team not go to college for software development (usually), but they don’t typically have the experience, time or skills to write great applications with limited tools. (Who does, right?)

How is Custom Programming for Revit going to help you?



Although working with a great platform like Revit is light years ahead of using your dad’s (and maybe your boss’s) platform (CAD), any off-the-shelf product is still going to have certain limitations. And you’re probably the guy in your group who knows about all of those limitations — because you have to work around some of them on every project.

Dynamo is usually fine. But it only goes so far. If you’ve ever used a Dynamo solution that didn’t work right for you but miraculously worked fine for its author, we feel your pain.

Software development is its own specialty. The more software you create, the faster and better you get. After decades of writing software, our staff know how to avoid common (and uncommon) pitfalls so you don’t have to pay for any learning curve and errors. And decades of doing it enables us to create reliable software expeditiously.

The Axiom Custom Programming staff will build you the precise tools you need to address your BIM situations. We do this every day.

Cost Effectiveness

Put aside the idea that custom programming must cost a small fortune. It doesn’t. At least, not in our case. We know how to control costs by finding out what your needs are very early on and looking for “unexpected surprises” before they drive costs up. Writing the software you need (not wasting development time on other things) is part of our Custom Programming “secret sauce.”


Axiom makes superior off-the-shelf and custom software solutions for Revit, AutoCAD, MicroStation and various Bentley and Autodesk vertical applications. Tens of thousands of BIM and CAD users employ Axiom software daily — our tools have to deliver. The development and quality-assurance experts who ensure that our off-the-shelf software is easy to use and reliable, apply the same exacting standards to make certain our custom programs meet the demands of our customers.

Custom Programming Overview


About Axiom Custom Programming:

Axiom is a prolific developer of software utilities for Revit, MicroStation and AutoCAD. Approximately 90 percent of the largest MicroStation customers in North America own at least one of Axiom’s applications.

  • Custom programming in a wide variety of programming languages and with diverse vertical applications for various industries.
  • Complete documentation for your customized application.
  • Software that’s so easy to use that you may not even need that documentation.
  • Exceptional quality control.

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