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The Alternative to Frustrating, Project-Stalling Lousy Import Options

When you import Excel or Word data into a DGN file using MicroStation, you’re faced with two unenviable options:

Lousy Option One produces a poorly formatted mess with no link back to the source file. You usually have to modify everything from the font, font size, row height and line thickness, to the size and overall orientation of the paste.

And any time the data changes, you either have to manually make the changes inside the MicroStation DGN file or delete the entire paste, re-import it, and start all over again with the pain-in-the-you-know-what formatting work. It’s like Groundhog Day or Edge of Tomorrow, but without the fabulous paycheck.


Lousy Option Two allows you to link back to the source file — but you have to import your data as a raster image. And what can you do with a fixed image? Absolutely nothing. You can’t format it at all. You can’t resize it to fit in the space allotted. It’s just a frozen lump of, well, you know. It’s a sucky option and about as useful as a concrete parachute.

But you’ve got a design project deadline looming. You’ve got spreadsheets and documents to import into your DGN file. So…

You can either resign yourself to hours of monotonous, repetitive formatting, or you can opt for a free trial — no risk to you and no credit card required. Just click the red button below.

3 Common Problems
1 Solution for Them All

  1. When you’re trying to import huge Excel spreadsheets or Word documents into MicroStation OpenRoads, OpenBridge or GEOPAK, the formatting is problematic. (You could call it “terrible”.)
  1. If you can’t keep that imported data linked (and synced) to the Excel or Word source file, there are no
    automatic updates.
  1. Getting a large import to fit inside your DGN border is a pain.

Solution: Microsoft Office Importer™.

import excel microstation

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Note: Separate versions are also available for AutoCAD and Revit.

How is Microsoft Office Importer Going to Help You?

Wrestling with the formatting of imports into MicroStation is like going one-on-one with a freaking alligator. We don’t care how good your deodorant is. Sitting in the office, sweating over some formatting task, is not a good look.
Skip the sweat.

If you want your imported Excel data in your MicroStation DGN file to look just like the original Excel spreadsheet, Microsoft Office Importer is the answer.

Easily and quickly import Excel spreadsheets and Word documents into your DGN files in one simple step. This includes schedules, bills of material, general notes and more!

Effortlessly spread large amounts of data into multiple columns when importing it into MicroStation. The amount of time saved here can be staggering!

Enjoy total control over your CAD standards when importing from Excel spreadsheets and Word documents — including level, color, weight, style, text size, font and more.

Have no worries about how to keep your Excel and Word data synchronized inside MicroStation. Microsoft Office Importer automatically links Excel and Word files to your DGN files when you do an import.

Enjoy impressive MicroStation imports of Excel spreadsheets or Word docs that look exactly like the originals — with zero effort on your part.


Enjoy all these benefits — immediately — simply by clicking the button below for a risk-free trial!

The Ugly Facts

You've got a mess on your hands that can take hours to fix, but you don't have hours. We can be pretty sure that the deadline clock isn't going to politely stop ticking. (If you ever figure out how to make that happen, please let us know!)

Do you enjoy time-eating monotony? Or are you tired of  burning the midnight oil, importing spreadsheets and docs — only to get stuck with crappy, mediocre results? Check out how the following Excel spreadsheet came out when pasted the usual old way into a MicroStation DGN file…


Example 1 (using MicroStation only):

Spreadsheet in Excel

Same spreadsheet imported using MicroStation only

The Solution

Microsoft Office Importer saves you an astonishing amount of time by automatically managing all the little import-related details that must be just right, resulting in a paste that has impressively beautiful formatting.

Example 2 (using Microsoft Office Importer):

Spreadsheet in Excel

Same spreadsheet in MicroStation imported using Microsoft Office Importer

Discover the benefits for yourself, with a no-strings-attached free trial, so that you can see just how easy it is to save time while also achieving exceptional results.

What About Header Rows in Your Excel Paste?

Microsoft Office Importer can magically repeat your header rows (the rows with red text above) as many times as you need.

Did you watch the video above? Did you see how effortlessly Microsoft Office Importer can split your gigantic spreadsheets to fit perfectly inside your DGN borders? That leaves the question: What about your header rows? You need them repeated all over the place now. No sweat. Microsoft Office Importer handles this for you automatically.

Okay, But What About Really Huge Excel or Word Pastes?

If you’ve ever tried to get a tall Excel or Word paste into a short space, you know the trouble it gives you. In fact, in talking with some new customers, we found that one of the tasks that users spend a lot of time on is trying to make tall pastes fit inside their DGN borders.

These MicroStation users would manually split up tall data into multiple pastes. Trying to do this is both time-consuming and frustrating. Simply changing text size is rarely an option as the text must be readable in the plot and must almost always follow a CAD standard that dictates the text size.

Fortunately, for Microsoft Office Importer owners, this isn’t an issue.

Microsoft Office Importer has a feature called “split paste into columns.” Now, when you go to place a tall paste into your DGN file, Microsoft Office Importer automatically and intelligently splits your paste into multiple columns so that it fits nicely into the allotted space — and repeats the headers for you.

Seriously, other companies have tech support reps. Who else has Customer Co-conspirators?

To be clear, this refers to columns in the design file, not Excel columns. The paste that Microsoft Office Importer splits into multiple columns can contain as many Excel columns and rows as you like.

In effect, your tall paste flows naturally from one column in your design file to the next column (from left to right).

The result is your paste starts where you choose and automatically creates one or more “columns” for you.

Turning Sighs Into Smiles


Ever look at a teammate and send a silent plea heavenwards, “Please, don’t change anything?” We get it. A simple change to an Excel spreadsheet or Word doc is seriously going to trigger your irritation about spending hours reformatting the imports. Using Microsoft Office Importer means you won’t have to. Your imports can be automatically updated at the push of a button. And that simply triggers a smile.

Ready to save time while simultaneously enjoying impressively formatted imports?

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Red Carpet Customer Service

We don’t provide typical customer service. Our culture is to go way beyond that. When you work with Axiom, you don’t just get customer service. You get a Customer Co-conspirator who will go the extra mile to ensure that you get maximum benefits from your purchase.

Axiom’s product is great, but more so I cannot think of another company I’ve dealt with in this field that has surpassed Axiom’s tech support.

Brian Hackett - GHT Limited


As a MicroStation, Revit or AutoCAD user, you deserve reliable, sincere service that assists you in getting the job done. And at Axiom, you’ll get much more than that.

If you’ve ever wondered what the “red carpet” of tech support is like, now is your opportunity to experience it. This level of service is unmatched in the software world. Seriously, other companies have tech support reps. Who else has Customer Co-conspirators?

The Stress-Busting Impact of Microsoft Office Importer

Time-Savings: Microsoft Office Importer saves you valuable time by automatically managing all the little details you need to go right.

Eliminate Repetition: Microsoft Office Importer eliminates double work — no more monotonous manual data entry and formatting of information that’s already in Excel or Word files.

CAD Standards Control: Microsoft Office Importer puts you in control. You don’t have to sacrifice your standards to achieve fast, top-quality results in record time.

Frozen might be great for a Disney princess, but for a MicroStation designer dealing with a raster image, it lacks all of the charm and the happy ending of a Disney movie. Let Microsoft Office Importer give you the heroic ending you deserve.

Our Incomparable Experience With Importing and Linking Excel and Word Data Into MicroStation

We've spent three decades and tens of thousands of software-engineering hours analyzing every type of Excel and Word importing
situation imaginable.

When importing information into MicroStation from Excel and Word (such as schedules, summaries, quantities, bills of materials, general notes and specifications), you want it to be as quick as possible — and without sacrificing the quality and accuracy of your deliverables.

You also want to keep your DGN files up-to-date when your teammates (with or without telling you) make changes to your linked spreadsheets and documents. Getting rapid, accurate imports that are also linked to the source data leaves no room for software bugs or missing features.

So, you want fast and easy. And perfect. And completely reliable. You want fully automatic updates and you want to know with total confidence that your DGNs are up to date before every submittal. You want to maintain creative control over the presentation of the information, but you don’t want this to be a time-eating burden.

This is an “impossible” balance of thousands of subtle and not-so-subtle factors that Axiom has been making possible for almost three decades.

We sidestep landmines all day long — landmines that result in data missing from your imports, hours of wasted time, embarrassment with your clients and general frustration with the whole process. Problems can go unnoticed until they one day rear their ugly little heads and “byte” you in the backside. We have some of the world’s top software engineers working daily to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

Want software with incredible reliability? It’s simple. Just spend more than a quarter century having genius geeks making constant technical improvements based on feedback from thousands of CAD professionals successfully using your software. That’s how we did it. And we’re still doing it.

The Benefits of Axiom:

We have a long-standing history of continuously refining our solutions to your import problems.

We have a proven track record of understanding exactly what our users need and providing reliable solutions that don’t introduce unnecessary complexity to the process. We understand where things need to “just work” and we understand where we need to give the operator the right amount of creative control.

We understand — and have a solution for — the zillions of ugly little things that can go wrong (in Excel, in Word and in MicroStation).

We’ve spent tens of thousands of software-engineering hours analyzing every type of Excel and Word importing situation imaginable.

We understand — and have a solution for — the zillions of ugly little things that can go wrong (in Excel, in Word and in MicroStation).

We save you time importing into MicroStation. We keep it simple while still allowing you to maintain creative control.

We automatically and reliably link your Excel and Word documents into MicroStation. We keep things up-to-date in MicroStation automatically.

We have decades of experience making everything work together perfectly, on projects of every size.

We support multiple cloud storage systems, including ProjectWise.

Our customer support is next level.

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Save More Time in All You Do

In addition to handling spreadsheet and document pastes into MicroStation, Revit, AutoCAD and Civil 3D, Axiom has software that can make every aspect of your CAD work easier. For exampleTitle Block Manager helps you to automatically manage and update hundreds of title blocks in minutes.

Translation Manager  is a go-to tool for engineers who need to get translations between MicroStation and AutoCAD done right the first time. For a look at all our applications, check the dropdown menu for MicroStation above.



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