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Why CAD Users and Managers in DOTs, Federal and State Agencies and Top Engineering Firms Use RefManager

One client wants references set up this way; another client wants references set up that way, but you need the references set up yet another way to do the work you’re hired to do. The frustration begins. It’s all up to you to fix this. Timing is crucial. Not feeling the joy right then. You’ve been there.

How about when reference attachments go missing altogether? If those attachments go missing prior to plotting a set of drawings, that’s really bad, particularly if you don’t know they’re missing.

Many things can go wrong with reference files. You know the pain. Get the antidote: RefManager™.


RefManager and You

Are missing references causing you headaches and stress?

Looking to change settings in multiple references easily?

Trying to find out about saved paths or other settings in your references?

RefManager Solves Any Reference Problem in a Snap

Locate references that have been moved, renamed or deleted before anyone else does.

Clone and replace one or many reference files in multiple project files in a single processing run

Attach a reference file to hundreds of design files with a single command.

Adjust reference file level symbology on hundreds of design files with a single command.

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MicroStation Users Speak. Axiom Makes a Tool.

Unfortunately, these types of things come up all the time. It was one of the many problems that MicroStation users told us over the years, time and time again. There just has got to be a better way to manage references.

That is why we created RefManager. RefManager has become one of our most popular software tools by solving just about any reference problem that comes up, keeping MicroStation and OpenRoads users in full control of their references at all times.


Know Before You Go — RefManager Reporting

Like small children, you want to know where your references are and what they are up to. Now you can, with RefManager’s comprehensive reports. RefManager has three powerful reports that you can run to check the status of your references.

Reference File Attachment Report: Find and report on any of the settings or properties of any number of references of your choosing.

Missing Reference File Report: Know before you submit with RefManager’s missing references report. No amount of DGNs are too many.

Cross-Reference Report: Need to move, rename, delete or archive a file and want to ensure you don’t mess up someone else’s work? This report can do it.


Let RefManager Do Your Dirty Work for You


You have now identified where your references are (or aren’t) and have an idea of what shape they are in. What now?

RefManager can change reference attachment paths to fix missing reference attachments. You can use it on one master file or any number of sheets. And it can change one or many reference attachments in each sheet at a time. It is super flexible and powerful.

Maybe need to make a change to a setting or several settings in multiple reference attachments. Do you want to do all of that work by hand? No way! RefManager can easily make changes to tons of common reference settings in any number of reference attachments in virtually any number of sheets.


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