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Get projects done faster than ever!

Trouble pasting Word documents or Excel spreadsheets into MicroStation or OpenRoads?

Finding and reattaching multiple missing references or changing the settings in multiple files?

Getting an error message when opening a DGN file — or worse, a file that won’t open at all?

Need to replace text or modify the properties of text elements in multiple DGN files?

Problems like these are having unwanted effects on you — effects that could get worse.

Keep reading if you want a change (or if you just want to look like a genius).

Garage will Improve Your Project Quality in Many Ways

  • Effectively recovers files.
  • Easily imports spreadsheets.
  • Accurately manages reference files.
  • Maintains CAD standards.
  • Efficiently manages title blocks.
  • Edits raster files effortlessly.
  • Conveniently automates repetitive changes.
  • Finds details in any number of files.
  • Meticulously manages cell libraries.
  • Seamlessly merges design files.
  • Dramatically reduces or eliminates errors.
  • Provides backup and recovery options.
  • Receive on-going support.
  • And more!

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MicroStation Acceleration Garage

Imports Excel spreadsheets and Word documents into MicroStation with perfect formatting.

Quickly puts out your MicroStation file corruption fires.

Achieve title block consistency automatically.

Solves any MicroStation reference file problem fast.

Copies, moves, automatically deskews and crops raster reference files.

Makes unlimited changes to multiple design files quickly and easily.

Quickly view design file differences.

Perform quality assurance checks on your MicroStation files quickly and easily.

Take control of your MicroStation cell libraries.

Removes duplicate and near-duplicate MicroStation elements automatically.

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