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Got MicroStation problems?
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MicroStation Acceleration Garage


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Tired of repetitive, time-sucking, BS-laden MicroStation tasks?
How to get your design projects done faster than ever!

When it comes to your MicroStation® projects, wouldn’t you like to roar through them as fast as possible?

Have you ever imported Word™ documents or Excel™ spreadsheets into MicroStation and then spent hours trying to force the formatting to come out half-decent? Forget it — we’ve got you covered so you’ll never have to struggle with ugly imports ever again.


Is finding and reattaching multiple missing references or changing the settings in multiple files a pain? Just hit the gas and blow through this one in no time at all.

Hate getting an error message when opening a DGN file — or worse, a file that won’t open at all? Nope, never again on your watch.

Need to replace text or modify the properties of text elements in multiple DGN files? No problem. Zero to 60 in under three seconds.

Are you tired of dealing with:

Time-eating tasks?

Inaccuracy due to error-prone manual changes?

Mind-numbing repetitive tasks?

Having to replace text or modify the properties of text elements in multiple DGN files?

Some other MicroStation-related problem?

I have been an Axiom proponent since the
early 90s ...

— Robert Goodwin, AECOM

There are high-performance tools for that.

The Truth About Your Job

Have you ever met a MicroStation designer who wasn’t busy, overloaded and constantly trying to beat deadlines? Exactly, us neither. Sure, MicroStation (and OpenRoads and OpenBridge) may be brimming with tools and features to enable excellent design, but what about tools to make your life easier?

Brace yourself, strap in and let’s see what this supercar can do for you.

Wouldn’t you love to be able to:

Automate repetitive tasks?

Produce Word and Excel imports that look exactly like the original docs?

Fix files that stubbornly refuse to open?

Rapidly make multiple changes in hundreds or thousands of files?

Effortlessly maintain your CAD standards?

Painlessly locate and correct duplicate elements to increase accuracy?

Dramatically reduce or eliminate errors?

And so much more?


Rapidly make multiple changes in hundreds or thousands of files?

Curious about the capabilities of MicroStation Acceleration Garage™? Explore a complimentary free demo by clicking the button below. Discover firsthand how this collection of tools can streamline your workflow and get answers to your questions.

Got questions? Talk to a Service Consultant directly. Call 727-442-7774 or click the chat button in the lower right corner to initiate a chat.

How to Turbocharge Your MicroStation, OpenRoads and OpenBridge Workflows

We all know that MicroStation can have its quirks, but with this suite of 13 tools, you can conquer the worst
of them.

Keep reading if you want to turbocharge your productivity (or if you just want to look like a genius). The horsepower housed in this garage will have you speeding through tasks rapidly.


With all the benefits of MicroStation Acceleration Garage, you can zoom through MicroStation tasks faster than ever as you:

Effectively recover files.

Easily format spreadsheets.

Accurately manage reference files.

Maintain CAD standards.

Efficiently manage title blocks.

Edit raster files effortlessly.

Conveniently automate repetitive changes.

Find details in any number of files.

Meticulously manage cell libraries.

Seamlessly merge design files.

Dramatically reduce or eliminate errors.

Provide backup and recovery options.

Receive ongoing support.

And more!


To find out more, call us at 727-442-7774. Alternatively, request a free demo to see the tools contained in MicroStation Acceleration Garage in action. Click the red button below.

What’s in it for you?

Apart from eliminating repetitive tedium and reducing frustration, what’s parked in this garage can give you the one thing we all wish we had more of — Lamborghinis.

Okay, let’s say “time.” (It’s practically the same thing, right?)

To learn more about each tool, click its icon and read about it below.

MicroStation Toolkit
MicroStation Toolkit
MicroStation Toolkit
MicroStation Toolkit
MicroStation Toolkit
MicroStation Toolkit
MicroStation Toolkit
MicroStation Toolkit
MicroStation Toolkit
MicroStation Toolkit
MicroStation Toolkit
MicroStation Toolkit
MicroStation Toolkit

To see MicroStation Acceleration Garage solve the problems you’re faced with, simply request a free demo during which you can also get any questions answered.

What do MicroStation users like yourself think of MicroStation Acceleration Garage?

What Our Customers Say

Can you afford not to avail yourself of 13 purpose-built tools specifically designed to boost your productivity, ease your frustration, eliminate repetitive tasks, and save you a ton of time?

To experience MicroStation made easier, get a free demo of the tools housed in MicroStation Acceleration Garage now! Click the red button below.

As a MicroStation Designer, Don’t You Think You Deserve:

A suite of tools specifically designed to make life in MicroStation significantly easier?

Purpose-built tools to eliminate repetitive tasks and problem-solve for you?

Flawlessly formatted imports, files that are always cooperative, and easily maintained CAD standards, to name but a few?

Less stressful days at work?

MicroStation Acceleration Garage offers all of the above and more.


Our Incomparable Experience Designing Tools for MicroStation OpenRoads, OpenBridge and GEOPAK


We’ve spent almost 40 years engineering tools to save you as much time as possible.

We know, in detail, the type of obstacles that MicroStation users encounter because we’ve been listening to users like yourself for almost four decades. As a result, we’ve developed solutions to your most aggravating and time-consuming MicroStation problems.

We’ve listened to the requests of MicroStation users like yourself and we know that you want tools that are fast. And easy. And completely reliable. You want automation wherever possible and you want to know with total confidence that your DGNs can withstand scrutiny before every submittal. You want to maintain creative control over the presentation of the information, but you don’t want this to be a time-eating burden.

We sidestep landmines all day long — so that you don’t have to — to avoid hours of wasted time, embarrassment with your clients and general frustration with MicroStation’s quirks. Problems can go unnoticed until they one day rear their ugly little heads and “byte” you in the backside. We have some of the world’s top software engineers working daily to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

Want software with incredible reliability? It’s simple. Just spend almost 40 years having genius geeks making constant technical improvements based on feedback from thousands of CAD professionals successfully using your software. That’s how we did it. And we’re still doing it.

The Benefits of Axiom

A longstanding commitment to continuously refining solutions that enhance every conceivable
MicroStation workflow.

A proven track record of understanding exactly what our MicroStation users require.

Tens of thousands of software-engineering hours invested in analyzing problems that regularly frustrate CAD designers.

Solutions for the multitude of challenges in your MicroStation workflows.

Software that streamlines your design process to save you time.

Seamless integration, regardless of project size.

Conveniently supports multiple cloud storage systems.

Customer support ensures you have the smoothest software experience ever.


Always Better in a Bundle

The beauty of the buffet — and who doesn’t love a good buffet? — is that you get all that fabulous food for one low price. It’s the same with Acceleration Garage! Chat with us or give us a call to find out more about the buffet rate for a whole bundle of time-saving tools!

Your Success is Our Priority: Customer Service to Support
Your Journey

Your Success is Our Priority: Customer Service to Support Your Journey

As a software company, we pride ourselves on developing tools that make your daily work life easier. Our focus is you — happy, de-stressed and productive — and our customer support team (aka your pit crew) will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure you squeeze the maximum benefit from our software. Our end goal is your success.

In fact, think of our tech support reps as your co-conspirators, helping you to save time, beat that deadline, produce beautiful work more easily, and get out of the office early enough to tip the pizza delivery guy at home and flop down on the sofa to chill. (We won’t judge you for your choice of pizza toppings, movies or games!)

Whether you need flawless imports, to fix misbehaving design files, make mass title block changes rapidly, or handle some other time-eating task in MicroStation, we’re there for you — offering red-carpet customer service every step of the way — and we welcome your questions or help-requests.

At Axiom, there’s no generic call center with reps robotically reading from a script — only geekily knowledgeable guys and gals whose sole purpose is to smooth your road to success, with less stress and frustration.

We’ll see you on the red carpet.

How to Crush Your Design Job

You got into design, to design — not to waste time with tedious and repetitive tasks. We have listened to designers like you for over 30 years. Now you can have a tool collection that puts an end to the mind-numbing grind of repetition. Acceleration Garage is the complete software package based on decades of experience in solving tedious problems for every kind of MicroStation operation. See for yourself with a free demo!

Click the red button below.

Frequently Asked Questions:
“Which Garage tool handles that?”

To find the answers you're looking for, simply click on each question below.

Can I somehow link my imported data to the original files without using a raster image?

Yes. Microsoft Office Importer is the Garage tool that allows you to link your imported Excel and Word data back to the source files without being forced to rely on a raster image. This allows for automatic updates to the imports anytime a change is made to the source data. Plus, you get flawless formatting that mirrors the original document.

Can I get my imported spreadsheets and Word docs to look exactly like the original docs?

Yes. If you want flawlessly formatted imports of Excel spreadsheets and Word documents into your DGNs, Microsoft Office Importer in Garage is the answer.

I have references that are missing. Is there a way to retrieve them?

Yes. RefManager in Garage can report on and fix missing reference files for you.

I’ve got a DGN file that seems dead as a doornail. It won’t open, no matter what I try. Can Garage help me?

Yes. You’re most likely working with a corrupted DGN file. Garage’s FileFixer can fix that for you so that the file opens correctly.

I have 217 files that all require multiple changes and I’m down to the wire on my deadline. Is there anything in Garage for that?

Global File Changer can make global changes to multiple design files with just a few keystrokes. It amends hundreds of files in mere minutes.

Our quantity calculations are way off what was originally estimated, probably by around 30 to 40 percent. How is this possible and do you have any tools that could solve this problem for us?

If your DGNs appear to be accurate, you’re possibly dealing with duplicated elements. They can be almost impossible to spot and would certainly account for a bloated materials list. Duplicate Element Remover can show you exactly which elements were duplicated to help bring your quantity calculations back in line with what you were expecting. And, of course, it does it faster than a human could.

Have you got a tool that can help me comply with my CAD standards?

Yes. If you have elements with properties that violate your CAD standards, SpecChecker in Garage can find and fix them for you.

Is there a quick way to move cells from one cell library to another?

Yes. With CellManager in Garage, you can rapidly move cells to a different library, modify the properties of library cells and create cell library documentation.

I’ve got a macro that I would like to run on about 1,000 files. Can I do that with Global File Changer?

Yes. Simply create an ASCII file and give it a “.key” extension. Add the following line: MACRO x:pathmacroname.bas, where “x” is the name of the drive, “path” is the path where the file is located and “macroname.bas” is the name of the macro.


Then, use Global File Changer’s easy-to-use file selector to build your list of files to process and the macro will be run on all your selected files. (There is much more information on all of the uses of key files in the Global File Changer User’s Guide.)

Still got questions? Get answers! Chat with a Service Consultant.
Call 727-442-7774, or click the chat button in the lower right corner.

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