How to Master a MicroStation to AutoCAD Conversion

Smoothing conversions from a DGN to DWG (and Vice Versa) 
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Frustrated with Converting Between DGN and DWG Files? (You're Not Alone.)

Conversion. It can be a real pain in the you know what. If you've used the built-in AutoCAD® or MicroStation® translator to convert from dgn files to dwg files (or vice versa), you know it can result in messy and potentially inaccurate output files. If you’ve suffered through the hours it takes to fix files after a translation was allegedly “completed," you know the struggle is real. You may have experienced:

Fonts in output files that don’t map correctly.

Element symbology with issues like incorrect line types (AutoCAD drawings) or line styles (MicroStation designs).

Line weight or color issues.

Wrong units in the output files causing incorrect sizes.

Special characters that display improperly.

Lost AutoCAD layers or MicroStation levels.

Unwanted levels or layers.

It's time for an easy conversion prep and clean-up tool. In fact, whether dgn conversion is your primary requirement or dwg conversion is what you're after, Translation Manager™ can resolve dgn to dwg conversion issues for you, back and forth, either way.


Let Ugly DGN-to-DWG Conversion Be a Thing of the Past

Translation Manager will:

Help you avoid the frustrating, project-delaying hassle of ugly conversions between AutoCAD and MicroStation.

Get your AutoCAD translations right the first time, with no need to spend hours recreating your drawings.

Simplify the process of converting between dwg files and dgn files (or vice versa) in batch on hundreds or thousands of files.

Impress your boss and clients with perfect CAD conversions that meet all required CAD standards.

Converting Your CAD Files Made Easy

If you want to avoid the cost or delay of conversion services, Translation Manager is the answer. Translation Manager ensures CAD conversions are considerably easier and result in output files that come out the way you want — the first time — saving companies from spending untold hours correcting or redrawing files.

Translation Manager handles complex problems that platform-native translators alone cannot correct. Whether you're converting from dwg format to dgn format or vice versa, Translation Manager does it all for you on up to thousands of files at a time.

Imagine how much time you can save doing conversions on similar projects or on projects with similar standards by translating batches of AutoCAD or MicroStation files and organizing your conversion settings into easily reusable project files!

Translation Manager’s pre-processing tools help you identify and isolate important data needed for successful conversions.

The post-processing tools in Translation Manager can make changes that Autodesk’s and Bentley’s built-in translators can't deal with. And, best of all, Translation Manager will do it all for you — quickly and automatically.

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How Translation Manager Does This for You


Translation Manager saves all your translation settings in one place (a translation project) so you can re-use them later and keep different translation projects totally separate from one another.

Dwg file? Dgn file? It doesn't matter. Translation Manager provides tools to evaluate the CAD files you plan to convert. It can even modify them to prepare them for the best possible conversion.

After that, Translation Manager walks you through the configuration of the process so that you know what each setting does and how it affects your results. In this way, anyone can get a top-quality translation without having to be a CAD conversion expert.

Once it’s all set up the way you need it, simply save all these settings into your translation project (super easy) and click a single button to convert all the files in your project.

The final step cleans up the now-translated CAD files and makes any number of post-processing modifications to put the finishing touches to your drawing or design. MicroStation dgn flawlessly converted to AutoCAD dwg? Or vice versa? You bet.

Translation Manager Software Requirements

1. Translation Manager requires at least one of the following base applications to be installed:

AutoCAD 2010 or later

MicroStation V8 2004 Edition, MicroStation V8i SS4 or MicroStation CONNECT (V10).

AECOsim Building Designer for V8

Power GEOPAK V8i

Power InRoads V8i

The version of the Bentley or Autodesk base application used will determine which version of AutoCAD DWG files can be translated.

The listed base applications support both MicroStation DGN V8 and DGN V7 file formats. Note
that MicroStation CONNECT uses the V8 DGN file format — it does not have its own, new version of the DGN file format.

2. You also need to have Microsoft Excel 2003 or later installed.

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