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We supply the tools and services that make you look like an AutoCAD virtuoso and get you home early.

Custom CAD & BIM programming from the one you trust.

Imports Excel spreadsheets and Word documents into AutoCAD.

Changes any block attribute text, quickly and automatically, on up to thousands of files at a time.

Conversions between DGN and DWG done right the first time.

What Our Customers Say


"Axiom's Microsoft Office Importer saves time and money on numerous projects using scheduling details and spreadsheets."

Joseph Ochsner
Transportation Design Engineer

Farnsworth Group


"I'm a pretty skeptical guy, but I am liking Title Block Manager A LOT!! I use it all the time. In this day and age when everything goes fast, you need tools to be able to react in the way that's expected — without fudging on standards."

Tim Knaus
CAD Manager

Stanley Consultants


"I have used Axiom products for the last 5 years and can say they have saved my company not only time but money as well. I am happy with the performance of your products."

Andy Lopez

Camburas & Theodore, Ltd.


"We cannot do without this software because it increases our productivity and also has gotten us out of some very bad situations."

Victor Mueller

AMEC E&C Services Linited


"I have no doubt that Axiom’s software products are really [like having] an invisible employee."

Bill Stout
President/Owner Engineering

Atlantic Int’l Consulting Engineers


“I translate from MicroStation to AutoCAD for internal use within our company.  This project was for a client who works with MicroStation and we work with AutoCAD.  I do the conversion so that everyone here can work with the files.  Trying to do translations manually before took about 2 hours for each drawing.  Now, with Axiom’s Translation Manager, it takes about 2 minutes or less for the entire project.  The AutoCAD users can now use the AutoCAD files with ease.  It was easier than I thought to get it set up to translate.  Your Tech Support was responsive and helped right away, but truly, I didn't even need that much help, it was very user-friendly to set up. I converted about 400 drawings for the last project. Without Translation Manager, it would have taken me about a month of full-time work, especially trying to work around all the bugs that come up with translation on my own.  I can't even say how much money this has saved us. Axiom's Translation Manager is exactly what I needed.”

Andre Ralha
Drafter - Engineering Department

John P Picone, Inc


“We used Translation Manager to translate all of our legacy files.  They are all done now. We did a large amount of translations, about thirty thousand files. We did character mapping and a variety of other things with them. We had a lot of files that had CIT raster files attached to the MicroStation DGNs that we translated to TIFF files attached to AutoCAD DWGs.  With Translation Manager we were able to fine tune the settings so the raster images in the translated files would display properly (rather than squished to the side). Using Translation Manager, the translations came out better and without the errors that our specialist team had trouble with (using I/RAS B). We were able to fine-tune and define a number of the settings to get it just how we wanted it.  We were able to do big batches at a time.  With Translation Manager, we found out it was easier, less chance of error and much less time needed to get it all done. I’m happy with what we got from it!  (I trusted your tool as you are experts with MicroStation). This project wouldn’t have gotten done without this tool. We are very happy with Axiom’s tech support and the products you produce.”

Dale Painter
CAD Manager


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