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AutoCAD and Civil 3D Made Easier

The list of AutoCAD products and their descriptions.

Our goal is to find those routine or tedious tasks that designers encounter and make them easier and faster. We want designers to focus on the creative side of their projects, and not get mired in by the mundane. The impressive arsenal of AutoCAD programs that we currently have will transform the way you work. Here’s a handy list of them. Go ahead and explore them.

Do you want an easy way to paste a bill of materials, a schedule or some other spreadsheet data into your design file? What about if it’s reliable and keeps a link to the original spreadsheet? Microsoft Office Importer does this and more and it is compatible with both MicroStation and AutoCAD.

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Title Block Manager automatically updates and populates information in multiple title blocks while maintaining the link to your spreadsheet so that your title block always stays synced. This program is compatible with both AutoCAD and MicroStation.

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End tedious post translation design file clean up. Translation Manager handles all of the common errors and it can do this thousands of files at a time.

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“I translate from MicroStation to AutoCAD for internal use within our company. Trying to do translations manually before took about 2 hours for each drawing. Now, with Axiom’s Translation Manager, it takes about 2 minutes or less for the entire project.  The AutoCAD users can now use the AutoCAD files with ease.  It was easier than I thought to get it set up to translate. Your Tech Support was responsive and helped right away, but truly, I didn’t even need that much help, it was very user-friendly to set up. I converted about 400 drawings for the last project. Without Translation Manager, it would have taken me about a month of full-time work, especially trying to work around all the bugs that come up with translation on my own.  I can’t even say how much money this has saved us. Axiom’s Translation Manager is exactly what I needed. ” 

 – Andre Ralha, Drafter, Engineering Department, John P Picone Inc.

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