Merge a design file and its reference files into a single file.


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Automate the Perfect Merging of Master Files and Reference Files

Ever need to send a client a project update that’s easy for the client to review and doesn’t have a bunch of attachments?

Want to be able to archive a set of design project files without risking losing all its references?

RefMerge™ merges a design file and all its reference files into a single design file. The resulting output file looks the same as the original, but is easier to manage and transport (to clients or sub-contractors) because only one design file is involved.


How is RefMerge going to help you?


RefMerge will:

  • Control the way elements are copied from both the master and reference files to maintain a consistent display after the merge is complete.
  • Offer you the option to convert elements using ByLevel symbology to the specific color, weight or style value assigned to the level it is copied from.
  • Allow you to exclude or include raster reference files as part of the merging process.
  • Work its magic on a single design file or all the files in your whole project in batch — at your choice.

RefMerge and You

RefMerge automates the task of merging master files and their 2D, 3D and raster reference files into a new output “merged” file. It contains all of the options needed to quickly create a complete set of project files that show everything you want, the way you want it, in a manner that can easily be archived, distributed, translated, submitted or plotted without concern for missing reference files.

RefMerge gives you options to handle all aspects and potential problems associated with the merging process, including output file naming and location, element symbology control, non-displayed element inclusion or exclusion and much more.

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What About Scale, Orientation, Voids, Clipping Boundaries and Nested References?


RefMerge properly scales and rotates each element before copying it to the output design file.

Reference file clipping boundaries and voids are honored.

Nested, V7, V8 and AutoCAD references are honored as well.


RefMerge Does Even More

It allows you to further limit the merge to only include elements within a specific area defined by a shape, fence or view. This is in addition to smoothly handling existing reference file clipping boundaries and voids.

RefMerge for V8 also offers a new merging method that can be used to merge all external vector reference files into the output file as new models.

It then changes the reference file attachments in the output file to point to the new models rather than the external design files. The RefMerge MicroStation V8 version also includes ProjectWise support.


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